Walpole Porkers Defeat Andover Golden Wildcats 2-1


Sophia Giovaniello

In one of the biggest trials of their season, the Porkers defeated Andover, a non-league opponent, 2-1. For the past three seasons, the Porkers have not been able to defeat the Golden Warriors — suffering a loss last year, 4-0, and two ties in the two previous years. However, on Monday, October 10, despite the history of the recent years and the overwhelming odds of playing an undefeated Northern Massachusetts powerhouse, the Porkers were victorious.

13 minutes into the game, junior Celia Walsh scored the first goal of the game off a penalty corner. Senior captain Melanie Weber’s shot resulted in a rebound off the Andover’s goalkeeper’s pads causing a scrum of sticks and ultimately resulting in Walsh sending the ball in the net. With the momentum on the Porkers’ side, Walpole was able to maintain their lead and stop the Warriors’ offensive attempts for the next 17 minutes until halftime.

10 minutes into the second half, the Porkers scored their second goal of the game off another penalty corner. A shot from senior Emma Flynn resulted in another rebound from the Andover goalkeeper, and junior Christine Murray was able to tip in Flynn’s shot to the opposite corner of the net for the goal.

Walpole’s lead held strong for the next 12 minutes, but eventually Andover scored on a penalty corner of their own. Now with the score 2-1, and momentum on the Warriors’ side, the Porkers defense was the center focus for the last eight minutes of the game. The Porkers managed to shut down all Andover threats, and the the game ended with Walpole on top, 2-1. The win improves the Porkers record to 11-0-2 — undefeated.

“This win is really exciting because nobody on this team has ever been able to beat [Andover],” Weber said. “Andover is a very good team, but on Monday we looked even better.”