Football Team Goes Bald for St. Baldricks


Jeff Meaney

The Walpole High Football Team has been know over the last few decades for one thing- winning. To continue this tradition the Rebels have had to fundraise thousands of dollars to pay for coaches, equipment, and the new lights.  The 2010 team has continued the winning tradition by starting 10-0, but this years team is also doing a fundraiser for a good cause- children with cancer. On November 13, 38 members of the Walpole High Football team partook in a head shaving event in solidarity with kids with cancer at the High School Gym. These shavees have been raising money since the beginning of the season by asking family and friends for donations.

Coach Barry Greener got the idea of doing a charity event from Kevin Sullivan, a former Rebel who then went on to play football at Brown University.  Greener thought it was a great idea for the team to give back to the community who has been so nice to them over the years. The Rebels are doing their charity through St. Baldrick’s, a volunteer based charity started in 2000 that raises money to research a cure for childhood caner. More information about St. Baldricks and how how to donate to their cause can be fournd at their website:

The team has done a great job with raising money however a few athletes have gone over and above expectations in their fundraising.  Senior Sam Rogers leads all shavees in raising $1031. Another top participant is Sophomore Steve “Dances” Thulin who has raised $508. “Coach Greener explained to us how lucky we are to have the opportunity to play football. There are young kids with cancer that do not have the same opportuniy we do, so it isn’t a burden to raise money for a good cause,” said Thulin. The team is  excited about the event and there is a buzz circulating around the school about the head shaving. Junior James Cullinane said, “It is a good casuse to raise money for, plus it’s a team building activity because we are all shaving our heads, thats an added bounus.”

As a team the Rebels have reached their pre-season goal of $5000.  In many St. Baldricks sponsered events the monetary goal set is often surpassed because of the enthusiasm of the participants to raise money for a good cause. There is also a competitive aspect of the event. Many of the football players participating in the event are competitive so raising the most money has turned into a competition between teammates. The head shaving event was capped off by

The Walpole Rebels football team has fought their way to the 10-0 record on the gridiron and are helping  with the fight against another opponent- Childhood Cancer. As a team, the Rebels have raised over $9100  and plan on continuing their success by capturing the Bay State title then the Divison II Superbowl.