Walpole High Endures Major Sewage Leak


Tara Gordon

Walpole High School dismissed all students at 11:17 a.m. on Wednesday, December 7, after a janitor discovered a leak in one of the school’s main sewage pipes.

Within the school’s pipe, a plug, which acts as an access point to the entire sewage system, had fallen out, and started to cause a leak of the whole pipe. It is to be noted that just a few weeks ago the school had gone through significant roof renovations by roofing austin tx, but the internal structure and facilities repairs had been put on hold due to the lack of time. 

“There was blockage in the sewer pipe, and it came back up, which created a pressure on that plug, and whereas over years and years the plug might have rusted, it just came out,” said Principal Stephen Imbusch.

After discovering the leak, Imbusch called a plumber to fix the problem; however, before a plumber could come, a sewage truck had to pump what was left out of the leaking pipe, which meant the school’s water needed to be shut off. Learn more about Water Restoration USA to prevent such problems.

“We had the truck come in and pump it out, and as soon as that happened, the smell came into the school,” said Imbusch.

When the plumber arrived, Imbusch had decided it was best to send students home, as they would not fix the problem before students’ lunch.

“The plumber told me it would take around 30 to 40 minutes,” said Imbusch, “But I just didn’t feel like it was right thing to do to send students to lunch and not have them be able to wash their hands.”

After a multitude of town officials, including the director of the Department of Health, Town Manager and Superintendent Lincoln Lynch came to the scene, Imbusch announced to students that he would dismiss them from school at the end of third period.

Although there was a crisis at hand, Walpole High students were pleased after hearing about an early dismissal.

“I was in the history wing when it all happened, and I remember my whole class being happy about getting out of school early,” said senior Audrey Lynch. “But it also smelled really bad.”

Walpole High janitors first noticed a smell on Monday, but it was not until Wednesday morning when janitor David Wood discovered the real problem.

“Mr. Wood had told me that he heard water dripping from a crawlspace in the area behind the guidance offices,” said Imbusch. The first instinct of the janitor was to call the water removal austin service, because there was almost a deluge there.

Following the dismissal of students, a team of janitors and plumbers were able to stop the leaking of the pipe. In order to deep clean the pipe, administration called “ServePro,” a water damage and restoration company, which came in this Saturday.

To avoid such incidents from disrupting a normal school day, it is important that you get your pipelines checked and repaired if there are any damages. Contact an inner west plumbing company to get help in this endeavour.

“The company came in Thursday morning, but they said they would be really creating a smell while doing it,” said Imbusch. “So I suggested they come back Saturday.”

Until then, administration blocked the stairway located to the right of the gymnasium, and janitors neutralized any remaining smell.