Power Rankings: Walpole “Rec” Basketball Week Three

Power Rankings: Walpole Rec Basketball Week Three

Craig Cieplik

All the teams are showing their true colors three weeks into the 2017 Walpole Recreation Basketball season.

  1. Wizards 5-0: Senior Devin Moore is showing why he was a top overall pick as he is putting up monster numbers while leading the Wizards to a perfect 5-0 start. Junior Danny O’Leary is forcing tons off turnovers that lead to easy baskets, and junior Zach Shultz and sophomore Aidan Murray have made solid contributions to help this team take over the top spot.
  2. Mavericks 4-1: The biggest surprise of the year has to be the Mavericks. Juniors Brett Lavanchy, Henry Dundon and senior Paul Heffernan have jumpstarted their team to a 4-1 start. They have a high scoring offense that has shown the ability to blow out teams at times. Their only loss this year comes to the top ranked Wizards.
  1. Celtics 4-1: Senior Vasili Boustris’ high volume scoring is leading the way for the Celtics as they too are 4-1 to begin the year. Their only loss this year comes from the Mavericks. Also, seniors Nathaniel Kelley and Eric Lederman have stood out on the defensive side, shutting down opponents attempts inside the paint.
  1. Rockets 4-1: Another surprising team early on has been the Rockets. Led by senior David Moser, the Rockets were able to be the third and final team to start 4-1, currently just above a handful of teams sitting at 3-2. Sophomores John Farley and Frank Famiglietti have served as the key role players for this squad.
  1. Spurs 3-2: After a rough loss to the Rockets, the Spurs are now 3-2. They rebounded however by defeating the Nuggets, showing that they can be a dangerous team to play when everything clicks. Senior Mark Nicholson has looked to be the primary scorer and another senior, Jack Garr has put on a great defensive performance to start the year.
  1. 76ers 3-2: After falling a few spots in the rankings, the 76ers still proved to be a team that has to be respected. Senior Billy Lanchester has been carving up defenses and scoring at will. Fellow seniors David White and Zach Conrad have been the defensive titans for this team making sure scoring inside does not come easy.
  1. Magic 3-2: The Magic’s seniors Jake Guidone and Jake Christy have produced when they have been on the floor. Guidone’s ability to grab rebounds is key for this team as he gives them a big advantage on the boards over most teams just by himself. Christy is a great passer but can also put the ball in the net which provides for a powerful duo.
  1. Knicks 2-3: Senior Ryan Gray is doing his best to lead his team into the win column, scoring in huge numbers to begin the season. With some offensive help from senior Liam Conlon and sophomore Alex Troncoso, the Knicks have a chance to climb a few spots in the coming weeks.
  2. Nuggets 1-4: The beginning of the season has not gone the way that the Nuggets envisioned it. After forcing to forfeit a game due to not enough players showing up, this past Sunday only five people showed up to their game against the Spurs which resulted in a loss. Only winning one game so far could be the motivation that seniors Jake Mello and Myles Kraus need to turn this season around, along with a solid group of players showing up to avoid forfeit.
  1. Nets 1-4: Junior Kevin Sullivan has led his team to their first win of the season which is a good sign for this Nets team. If they are able to build on that winning performance, more victories are sure to come.
  1. Lakers 0-5: Winless at this point of the year, senior guards Nick Anastasi and Matt Tosone need to step up their performances. This team has enough talent to win some games if they can figure out some chemistry.
  2. Sonics 0-5: No one is surprised the Sonics are here. Their young core, and lack of upperclassmen, prevents the squad to compete at the same level as their competition.