Walpole Rec Playoff Preview Power Rankings

Walpole Rec Playoff Preview Power Rankings

Craig Cieplik

It is officially playoff time, so we will be looking into the first round matchups as well as the teams with byes.

Teams With Byes: #1 Rockets, #2 76ers, #3 Celtics, #4 Mavericks.

#1. Rockets: The Rockets hold the top seed in this years playoffs, but without injured senior David Moser, there could be an upset in their first game against the winner of the Knicks Nuggets game.

#2. 76ers: The 76ers clinched the second seed in the tournament and look like a strong contender for a long playoff run with seniors Billy Lanchester, David White and Zach Conrad at the helm.

#3. Celtics: This team continues to rely on senior Vasili Boustris for the bulk of their offense. With defensive anchors seniors Eric Lederman and Nathaniel Kelley, the Celts are not a team to be underestimated during the playoffs.

#4. Mavericks: The Mavs put up good performances the past weekend, for junior Brett Lavanchy is on a mission and has something to prove. Securing the four seed was huge as they get the last spot for a bye and an opportunity to rest of a little more.

First Round Matchups:

#8 Kicks vs. #9 Nuggets:

This one should be a good game to watch. With seniors Ryan Gray running the offense and Tim Hayes locking down opponents on defense, this squad has a chance to advance. The Nuggets power duo are seniors Jake Mello and Myles Kraus. They both have lots of chemistry together that could pose some issues for the Knicks plan to move forward.

#5 Wizards vs. #12 Lakers:

The Wizards are the favorite in this game from the start but if senior Devin Moore puts on an offensive display there is little to no chance of the Lakers winning. However if Moore has an off game and seniors Matt Tosone, Coleman Lydon and Nick Anastasi can put together a strong performance there is a chance they could squeeze by into the next round.

#6 Magic vs. #11 Nets:

The Magic are a strong favorite in this one considering the size and rebounding ability of senior Jake Guidone and the crafty moves senior Jake Christy displays on a game to game basis should help out tremendously. As for the Nets Hopefully junior Kevin Sullivan can will his team to what would be a big upset.

#7 Spurs vs. #10 Sonics:

The Spurs came off a rough weekend but are determined to make a statement during the playoffs. They have a strong team that has not been playing as of late but hopefully this game against the Sonics will change all. The Sonics have a big task in front of them but they hope that junior Sean McCarthy and sophomore James Ofgant can scrape by with a win in this tough first round matchup.