Boys Basketball Loses 82-75 in Overtime to Sharon


Jessica Ferguson

Photos by Eva Clarke

Despite making a comeback in the second half, Boys Basketball lost to Sharon 82-75 in overtime during their second-to-last regular season game on Sunday, Feb. 19. Their record at the end of the season was 7-15.

After Walpole’s comeback at the end of the third quarter, Sharon had quickly taken back their lead at 68-65, and there was only 1:46 left in the last quarter when Captain Luke Esty scored a three-pointer, which tied up the game 68-68.

“We came back just by playing hard and doing what we do best, which is playing defense, running, executing on offense,” said Isaiah Shepherd. “And if we do that every time, then we can come back and beat any team.”

“I thought we played pretty hard, it was tough at the end, and we could’ve played a little better defense, but I thought it was good overall,” said Matt Falvey, who helped the team score several baskets throughout the second half.

At the end of the fourth quarter, the tie between Walpole and Sharon ended after Sharon was fouled and made both of their free throws. The score was at 70-68 with a mere 57 seconds left in the game. Walpole put a shot up with 33 seconds left to tie up the game 70-70, which remained the score for the rest of the fourth quarter.

“It was a tough game, kind of a shootout,” said Luke Esty. “We didn’t play great defense, but we played hard.”

Although Falvey scored all of Walpole’s five points in overtime, Walpole still couldn’t maintain the close score and ultimately gave up key shots, which led Sharon to win the game 82-75.

“I thought the kids played hard tonight, kind of the same thing all year, we battled, and we just kind of find that we lose once in awhile, but the kids played hard,” said Coach Dave St. Martin.