Mr. WHS Returns After a Three Year Hiatus


Brynne Bergen

For the first time since 2013, Walpole High School Student Council held the Mr. WHS competition in the auditorium on Thursday, March 16 at 7:30 p.m. The event was a part of the student council’s ‘Make March Matter’ campaign—a yearly effort by the club in order to heighten  school spirit and student activity.

“I think students had fun at the event,” student council advisor Kerry McMenimen said. “That is the main goal of ‘Make March Matter.’”

Nine senior boys participated in the competition, along with a group of faculty judges who judged the boys in the following categories: entrance, talent, rebel pride and questionnaire. On top of these activities, the boys were asked a series of three trivia questions. Correct answers contributed to each of their total scores.

Ultimately, Nathaniel Kelley was named Mr. WHS with a score of 227 points. Along with a sash and a tiara, Kelley was awarded with two free prom tickets and a $50 visa gift card for his victory.

“It was a tremendous night,” Nathaniel Kelley said. “I was overwhelmed with pride.”

Paul Heffernan came in second with 212 points and James Randall followed close behind with a total of 201 points. Paul Heffernan also won the crowd favorite award, which was determined by McMenimen through crowd cheers.

The event, which was hosted by chemistry teacher Daniel Mullaney, took weeks to plan. The student council put together a Mr. WHS committee, which was headed by Elyse Good and Sarah Stanton. The two hope that Mr. WHS will be run annually at the school.

“[We] spent so many hours planning this event and we are happy to hear all the positive feedback,” Senior Elyse Good said.