Springtime in Boston

David Moser

  Spring time has to be the best time of the year for Boston sports fans. On any day, there can be Bruins playoff hockey, Celtics playoff basketball, Red Sox regular season rivalries, or all three. Another recent Super Bowl from the Patriots does not hurt either.

  Second baseman, hockey winger and diehard Boston sports fan, senior Paul Heffernan said, “This is the best time of the year for Boston sports because the Bruins and Celtics are entering the playoffs and the Red Sox begin their season.”

  Despite not being playoff time, the Red Sox season is no less exciting. The Sox are currently 11-8 with their most recent win over the Baltimore Orioles, 6-2.

  Heffernan added, “So much going on always gives hope and happiness to all Boston fans. Besides the Sox, Bruins and Celtics, the Patriots are busy making offseason deals and preparing for the draft. During the early spring every year, all four teams are in crucial stages of their championship pursuits, and with talent across the board Boston fans can hopefully expect success and progress over the next few months.”

  Finishing their season with a final record of 44-31-7, the Bruins clinched their first playoff berth in three years. Although the Senators unfortunately eliminated Boston with an OT winner in Game 6 (3-2), the Bruins — with 11 players of their Game 6 roster playing in their first Stanley Cup series — look poised and ready for another playoff appearance in the years to come.

  Concurrent with the NHL playoffs, the NBA postseason is also underway The Celtics, after securing first place in the east with a final record of 53-29, have been battling the eight seed, Chicago Bulls. As of Monday, April 24, the Celtics and Bulls are tied two games apiece.

  In the end, spring in Boston is such an exciting time all because of its four championship caliber teams. For the better part of the last 17 years, Boston has seen five Super Bowl victories for the Patriots, three World Series championships for the Red Sox, one Stanley Cup championship for the Bruins, and one NBA Finals championship for the Celtics. With each team firing on all cylinders so often, there is never a dull moment while being a Boston sports fan.