WHS Establishes its First Female Golf Team


After spending her summers playing golf with family and friends, senior Abby O’Sullivan decided that Walpole High School should develop a female golf team. Finding enough girls to fill a roster, O’Sullivan convinced Athletic Director Ron Dowd to start a team.

“I was inspired to start the golf team because after a summer of golfing with family and friends, as well as meeting female golf players from other towns, I decided that it would be great to bring a new sport to Walpole High School,” said O’Sullivan.

“We have a boys golf team, so I think it was a natural progression to start a girls golf team,” said Athletic Director Ron Dowd.

Ron Dowd and Charles Ferro, the school psychologist, and local golf pro, Tom Giffin will coach the team. The girls will practice three times per week (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays) on the driving range, as well as the putting greens at Walpole Country Club. “I think it is important that we start with the fundamental skills,” said Dowd.

However, unlike other sports teams, the golf team will not play in the MIAA league; it will be considered a club team and the players will pay an activity fee rather than an athletic user fee.

“Since it is our first year, I think it is best that we start as a club team, as it is important that we see the skill level of the girls because they are not as experienced as other teams,” said Dowd.

In addition, facing both private and public schools, the team will play in different tournaments throughout the spring; although, the specific teams they will face is to be determined.

The girls are looking forward to not only the commencement of their season, but the start of a new team. “I am very excited for this season and hope we can improve as individuals and as a team. Also, I hope that this team can grow in the future and ultimately become a varsity team,” said O’Sullivan