Walpole Girls Varsity Softball Loses to Newton North 7-4


Nicole St. Germain


Walpole Girls Varsity Softball lost to Newton North by a score of 7-4 on May 22. The game was the Rebel’s Senior Night, so the post-game included some celebrations with the team and softball community. 

Walpole started the game strong as they scored two points against Newton North in the bottom of the first.

“We knew coming into this game that Newton North was obviously the best in the state and I think we prepared ourselves for that,” said senior Mandy Scully.

Then, at the top of the fourth, Newton North turned the game around by scoring multiple runs on Walpole. Newton North’s resurgence brought them into the lead with a score of 7-2. During the next two innings, the Rebels held off all further scoring runs from Newton North as they made their own comeback.

At the end of the sixth inning, after a double, the score changed to 7-3. A short time later, junior Kate Wilmot hit a triple. Senior Tess Lawlor added on with a single immediately after, to send Wilmot flying to home plate. Despite the sixth inning offense, the game remained 7-4 to end the game.

“[The Newton North pitcher] is the best pitcher we’re going to see all season and she is the caliber of a pitcher that we’re going to see in the State finals. So it’s definitely preparing us and it also just proves to us that we can hit off of a pitcher like that,” said Head Coach Rachael Sprague.

After the game had ended, the Walpole players began their festivities for Senior Night. The celebration began with the seniors running around the bases, meeting the freshman players at first base to receive a special softball that was reconstructed into the shape of a heart. Sophomore players gave the seniors a jar of dirt from their home field at second. Seniors slid to third base where the juniors gave them a t-shirt. They then raced to home plate to find their families awaiting them.

After a few pictures with family and the coaches, the team went to the tents where dinner was waiting for them. Lawlor said, “I think we played our hearts out on the field and we came back a lot and put up a good fight.”