Seniors Win Powderpuff, but not Without a Fight

Taylor Gilmore

On Wednesday November 24, high school football never looked better. The junior and senior girls competed against each other in the third annual Powderpuff football game on Turco Field, and the game was more intense than anyone imagined it would be. The seniors would not be defeated easily, and both teams played a rough game. Junior Jackie Reilly suffered a mouth injury which left her needing braces after being elbowed in the mouth. The intensity of the 2010 Powderpuff game personified the rivalry between the Juniors and Seniors  on the field.  The seniors have won all the Powderpuff games Walpole High has held so far, but after the first ten minutes of this year’s game, the juniors proved they would not be easily beaten. In the first half, junior Rebecca Goula scored a touchdown. Junior Suzy Gallivan then ran the ball into the end zone converting the two point conversion to give them an 8-0 lead. Senior field hockey players showed confusion regarding field boundaries, repeatedly running out of bounds in the first half.

The intensity of the 2010 Powderpuff game was fueled by the Junior Class and Senior Class coaches alike.  Mr. Conor Cashman coached the junior girls and Mr. Michael Alan coached the senior girls.  Assisting the faculty coaches were junior and senior members of the Walpole High Football Team.  It was hard to tell who wanted to win more, the players or the coaches. During the second half the seniors thought winning the football game was hopeless and that the juniors were going to prevail, but senior Caroline Malone ran in a touchdown. The seniors were only down by one point, and with less than ten seconds left on the clock, senior Amanda Carney scored the winning touchdown. The seniors won with a final score of 14-8 continuing their winning ways over the junior class.