Top Five Movies of 2010

Top Five Movies of 2010

James Cullinane

2010 has been an eventful year in Hollywood.  To condense the steaming success of the movie industry down to five of the year’s best films is a difficult task to say the least.  I did my best to conquer this somewhat insurmountable task, but keep in mind that seeing every excellent motion picture of the past year was not an option.  These are simply five movies that I believe would please a wide array of viewers.

1.  The Town – One of the most intelligently written films of 2010, Ben Affleck’s “The Town” has received critical acclaim throughout the nation.  “The Town”, written and directed by Affleck, who also stars as protagonist Doug MacRay, masterfully showcases his differing talents to viewers.  Similar to other Boston-based crime dramas (“The Departed”, “Gone Baby Gone”), “The Town” examines the roles of both criminals and law enforcers, this time in a long streak of bank robberies.  One can not help but be amazed by the casting job done for the “The Town”.  “Madmen’s” Jon Hamm plays the role of sinister FBI agent to perfection, while Jeremy Renner (“The Hurt Locker”) seems more like a Charleston “Townie” than a Hollywood actor.  Based on Chuck Hogan’s novel “Prince of Thieves”, “The Town” is the must see movie of 2010.

2.  Toy Story 3 – Those born in the 1990’s grew up to the “Toy Story” franchise.  The adventures of Buzz Lightyear and Woody kept us preoccupied throughout our childhood.  Anticipation soared to new heights when plans for “Toy Story 3” were announced.  “Toy Story 3” would be released 15 years after the original, but few worried that the 3D animation masterpiece would struggle in the ticket selling department.  As the highest grossing movie of 2010, “Toy Story 3” proved that lovable characters combined with new-age animation is a truly unbeatable combination in the modern movie industry.

3.  Shutter Island –Martin Scorsese’s most recent movie made a mark on his resume, as the highest grossing debut of his long, historic career.  “Shutter Island” received incredibly mixed reviews throughout the nation, but one could not help but be thrown into the complicated storyline which kept viewers on the edge of their seat throughout the movie.  Primarily starring Leonardo DiCaprio (“Titanic”. “The Departed”) as detective Teddy Daniels, “Shutter Island” is a movie that must be watched several times to be fully understood.  “Shutter Island’s” shocking ending, manufactured by author Denis Lehane, leaves viewers pondering over the future of Daniels, while also contemplating the motives behind Daniel’s last words in “Shutter Island”.  Behind a great cast, brilliant screenplay, and the best film maker of all time, “Shutter Island” left its footprint in the world of film in 2010.

4.  Inception – 2010 was a busy year for the aforementioned DiCaprio.  Along with “Shutter Island”, DiCaprio starred in Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated “Inception”.  Due in part to his success directing “The Dark Knight”, Nolan was awarded a $160 million dollar budget to construct this intricate piece of art, which had been in the works since 2001.  “Inception” truly enthralls the viewer emotionally, visually, and intellectually through incredible visual effects and a brilliantly written script.  This innovative script brings viewers on a 148 minute long obyssey brings viewers on an epic journey into a world of dream pollution and distortion.

5.  Hot Tub Time Machine – In a year of serious, thought provoking motion pictures, “Hot Tub Time Machine” truly did not fit this mold.  One may ask, “How in the world does a movie called ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ manage to find its way onto a list of great movies”?  Despite being a “gross out comedy”, “Hot Tub Time Machine” shares similar qualities with “The Hangover”, which helps to set it apart from typical comedies aimed towards men.  With a lovable cast of characters anchored by John Cusack (“Say Anything…”, “Con Air”), “Hot Tub Time Machine” keeps viewers in side splitting laughter throughout its entirety.  In a movie that is sure to be quoted for years, director Steve Pink manged to find the perfect script to appeal to viewers of all ages.  “Hot Tub Time Machine” despite of its goofy nature and unimpressive title is a hilarious film, especially for men.