Student-Directed-Play “Ravenscroft” Premieres at Walpole High


After regaining consciousness, Inspector Ruffing (Annika Olson) lays on Marcy’s (Allison Millette) lap, while being looked at by Gillian Ravenscroft (Emily Tomasetti).

Samantha Simons

Senior Riley Mulroy directed Don Nigro’s play, “Ravenscroft,” on Friday, Oct. 13. “Ravenscroft” is a dark comedy revolving around the murder of a man named Patrick Roarke. Throughout the play,Inspector Ruffing (Annika Olson) investigates the cast of students: Mrs. Ravenscroft (Abigail Malone), her daughter Gillian Ravenscroft (Emily Tomasetti), Marcy (Allison Millette), Mrs. French (Kendra Sheehan), and Dolly (Margaret Wall). The cast donated all proceeds to the Walpole High School Drama Club and Speech Team.