Walpole Spring Sports and MIAA Adapt Schedules due to Snow


Aidan Chariton

Spring athletes typically have weather concerns about playing outdoors, such as seeing through the bright sun, staying hydrated in the heat and getting sun-burnt skin. The weather leading up to the 2018 spring season left them with a bigger issue: snow. Due to complications regarding the snow, the MIAA decided to move back the spring sports schedule one week, in order to provide sufficient time for maintenance and preparation.

In particular, it was the large snowstorm on Tuesday, Mar. 13—which left Walpole covered in 18-20 inches of snow—that forced this schedule shift. With fields, courts and tracks covered in snow, spring athletes moved to parking lots, gymnasiums and any other plausible practice locations for the time being.

“We had to start off the first week in a parking lot which isn’t the best way to start a season,” said senior Walpole Boys Lacrosse captain Robert Colburn. “It’s hard to prepare and be successful against teams who have had a plowed field starting the season.”

With the season right around the corner, both Boys Lacrosse and Girls Lacrosse are taking matters into their own hands regarding the snow.

“Both the boys and girls varsity lacrosse teams organized a group shovel. It was a great group effort but the field is still barely half-plowed,” said senior Girls Lacrosse captain Emily Curtis. “It is really tough to get a good game [in practice] with 30 players and only half a field.”

Even after the delay of their entire season, Girls Lacrosse had to cancel what would have been their season opener on Monday, Apr. 2 due to additional snowfall.

Similarly to Boys and Girls Lacrosse, Boys and Girls Track also shoveled snow off of their typical practice areas.

“We’ve been shoveling off the back turn of the track, as it doesn’t get any sun compared to the other parts of the track,” said senior Boys Track captain Zach Schultz. “We’ve adapted to the snow by using hallways and parking lots.”

Due to the snow, Rebel Baseball used the gym at Bird Middle School for their tryouts, and followed with a plethora of other tactics to practice.

“The snow has obviously been tough to spring sports but we have to adapt. We have been practicing in a gym, batting cages, and on tennis courts,” said senior Baseball captain Tyler Page. “There isn’t much we can do not being on a baseball field, besides going over situations that will help us out in close games. Hopefully what we are doing now will help us out down the road.”

As the weather warms up, spring athletes eventually will return to their fields, courts and tracks. Until then, these athletes will have to continue doing the best they can to prepare themselves for their seasons.