2010 Best Shows


Christina Freiberger

1. Modern Family

The new ABC sensation, Modern Family, stars “One big (straight, gay, multi-cultured, traditional) happy family,” and has been an appropriate show for all ages since it first aired in September of 2009. One part of this lovable family consists of two homosexuals and their adopted  baby.  Another branch of this family tree consists of a married couple, who struggle constantly to connect with their three children.  The father of Modern Family’s main characters, Jay, is married to a remarkably attractive, remarkably young, Colombian woman named Gloria, and acts as a father figure to her young son.  The idea of the show is to enlighten viewers that not all families are perfect; although everyone may not be as diverse as the families on the show, the idea is well portrayed. In one episode, the Colombian wife, Gloria, is struggling to pronounce English words and said “old tomato” instead of “ultimatum.” After being jeered at, she yelled at her family members like any other mother would do. These everyday family situations are provided with a comical twist by director, Jason Winer. Already on season two, the show has become a hit, experiencing exponential success every Wednesday on ABC at 9pm.

2. Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars is a new ABC Family drama  that premiered in June of 2010, that classifies as a young adult fiction. The show is based off a big secret that only the four teenage girls know. The viewers gradually discover more about the secret, which involves the murder of one of their “snooty” best friends, Allison, through each episode. An anonymous source is scaring the girls with text messages pretending to be their deceased best friend, and signing off as “A,” which brings about guilt in each girl’s eyes. The false blames and interrogations the girls receive leave the show with cliff-hanger endings that have viewers anxiously anticipating next week’s episode. The second season will be premiering Monday, January 3 with new discoveries about the secret, hopefully revealing the truth behind the murder of the not-so-beloved “A.”


Seen everywhere on t-shirts, posters , and even bedding, is the title of one of those most popular shows this year, “Glee.” Starring a group of teenage singers, along with their supervisor, the actors and actresses shine through their themed musical performances— ranging from Rocky Picture Horror Show to Journey. The Glee Club consists of teenagers from all social groups at William McKinley High School, that are united by a common interest of singing. Of course, like every other show, there is drama within the group, specifically about reputations, acceptance, and relationships. The similarity of the show to a typical high school scene interests not only teenagers, but also their parents through romance amongst teachers and the overwhelming humor of the Athletic Director. All the viewers, however, can agree that their great appreciation for the voice of the students and teachers is what keeps them drawn to the next episode.

4. Raising Hope

In the first 10 minutes of the show, the main character , played by Greg Garcia, gets a woman pregnant in the back of a van and immediately finds out on the news that she is a murderer. Right from the get-go, it is pretty easy to tell that this is not a typical show that usually airs on FOX’s network. Returning in February 2011, the humorous drama will continue as the quirky family works to raise a baby that they have limited experience with. The characters, including the constantly drugged Grandma, are each flawed but ultimately, very lovable. The way they work off each other, and the ridiculous situations they are involved in, makes the show so likable. Right after GLEE on Tuesday nights, Raising Hope finishes off the double-block of well directed shows—providing a nice break in the busy week.

5. SNL

Viewers tune into Saturday Night Live (SNL)  and watch the series of acts performed by actors and actresses from their favorite movies. November’s SNL episodes were hosted by Scarlett Johansson and Anne Hathaway. Personally, I think the best act of each episode is titled the “weekend review” with Seth Meyers, which mocks new US policies, sports highlights, and other recent news. The immature, but uncanny, humor that has been taped and aired for over 35 years, never gets old for the viewers, especially when they are over-tired from the late hour of the show. Be sure to see next week’s episode, which stars Jeff Bridges as the host, accompanied by a musical performance from Eminem.