WHS Athletic Trainer Initiates Student Training Program


Randall poses outside of her office with students Raynal Louissaint and Reggie Michel.

Megan Brigham

Amanda Randall, Walpole High School’s (WHS) new athletic trainer, recently implemented a student athletic training program for students interested in learning more about sports medicine.

“I think it’s a good opportunity for students to learn about what athletic training is and what sports medicine is,” Randall said.

After she spread her interest in the program through word of mouth and a poster on her office door, sophomore Raynal Louissaint and junior Reggie Michel signed up on the opportunity.

“I’m looking for a future in athletic training when I go to college,” Michel said. “When [Randall] told me there was going to be an athletic training program, I thought it would be a good idea to get started early.”

From the start of the year, Randall expressed her interest in getting involved in the school in ways outside of her position as athletic trainer. In the future, she hopes to teach a sports medicine, health or science class.

Coming in four to five days a week, Michel and Louissaint will help Randall prepare for the rush of student athletes who come into Randall’s office for injury assessments. They also observe Amanda as she assesses injured students, tapes their areas of pain and applies ice.  

Michel admires the first-respondent aspect that athletic trainers experience on the playing field after an injury occurs.

“I love seeing sports, and I’ll be on the sideline, so if players get hurt I’ll be there,”  Michel said.

Randall is an American Red Cross instructor, so when Michel and Louissaint began the program, they both were given a course on first-aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Michel and Louissaint will assist with any type of first-aid care that comes up while they are covering sporting events.

“Since [for my job] I work with little kids, I want to have a more advanced knowledge on how to treat injuries,” Louissaint said.

The Athletic Training Organization does not allow students to perform tasks on their own; however, as Michel and Louissaint gain more experience, Randall will start teaching them skills like a taping job.

If an injury on the field or court were to occur, they would have the opportunity to witness the first respondent component of athletic training. Additionally, an added perk of attending these sporting events is that they will be granted access to ride the gator cart—a vehicle similar to ones used on golf courses—with Randall.

“I love having a career in which I get to be right in the action with various sporting events,” Randall said.

Randall enjoys the educational part of her job and being able to explain injuries to her patients, as well as physiological effects that may occur. This program gives Randall the chance to share her passion with those interested while simultaneously providing the best care possible for student athletes at Walpole High School.