Walpole Volleyball Defeats Weymouth in Home Opener


Senior Captain Abigail Rae serves the ball.

Bridget O'Connor

Walpole Volleyball started off the season 2-0 by defeating Weymouth in three sets on Wednesday, Sept. 12.

Senior Captain Abigail Rae allowed the Rebels to take the lead after her eight consecutive serves making the score 8-3. Along with serves, Walpole was able to take the lead with their kills and their defense.

“A lot of girls stepped up today like Bridget Abril on defense,” said coach Lisa Cyr. “They all want it so bad they are coachable and everyone has  improved over the weeks.” After winning the first set 25-8 the Rebels kept up their momentum into the next two sets.

“I don’t want to plateau at all. I want to be able to just keep getting better every game,” said Cyr.

In the end, the Rebels were able to win the next two sets. In the second set Walpole won 25-13 while in third set they won 25-8. “We had a lot of good communication on the court and we were able to play as a team,” said junior Brooke Lanchester.


In order to prepare for the game the Rebels worked on coverage on defense in addition to their tips and net play during practice throughout the week leading up to the game.

“We worked on our defense and our coverages and that really helped. We also have been working a lot on net play,” said Cyr. “We knew they were going to be scrappy.”

However, this game was not just a win for the Rebels; it was an eye opener of what they were really capable of as a team.


“It’s important that we won today because we proved that we can stay steady through a whole game and not have big ups and downs,” said senior captain Mckenzie Rae. “It’s helpful for in bigger games we won’t lose a ton of points and have to work our way back.”

In the future the team plans intends to go as far as they can.

“We want to win Herget, and win Bay States,” said senior captain Sawyer King. In regards to the rest of the season, coach Cyr has lofty goals.

“I want them to be having the best season of their life because you have to win as a team,” said Cyr. “I want them to stay together and just be happy to be together and have fun playing volleyball.”