Meet The Captains: Swim


Bridget O'Connor

Haley Gilmore

When did you first begin playing the sport?

Freshman year.

Do you want to play this sport in college?


Who was a prominent coach in your sports career? Why?

Cheryl Cavanaugh. She pushes all her swimmers and is devoted to her team.

What other activities/clubs are you involved in?

Dance Company and varsity tennis.

How do you feel going into this season?

Good, hoping to set some personal records and possibly make it to sectionals for the 500.

What are some goals set for the team this coming season?/How do you plan to achieve these goals?

Have as many swimmers as possible make it to sectionals/states, encourage each other in practice and keep motivated and positive.

Who are some big opponents/rivals? Why?

Up against some really good teams… no specific rival. The closer the meet the more intense, fun and energetic.

Do you think the team will make tournament?/How far do you think you’ll make it?

Many of our swimmers have already qualified for sectionals and states, hoping to make it to sectionals this year.

Does your team have a website or anything that contains pictures, statistics, etc.?

We have an Instagram account where videos and photos are added- rebsplash2k18.

Are there any games in particular that you want the Rebellion to cover?

Any home meet is good. Nothing specific. We have about 2 meets a week.

Niall Kelley 

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Emily Hendricks 

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Emma Whitestone 

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