Random Acts of Kindness Club Hosts “The Moth”


Brianna Deasy

The Random Acts of Kindness Club held a storytelling event on Oct. 4 where students shared several stories of a moment of kindness that had a major impact on their life.
“I’ve always been a fan of random acts of kindness,” senior Katie Hurwitz said, “that’s why I started the club in 2016.”
In between each person’s performance, Hurwitz played different sections of a podcast called “The Moth” where people told short stories of how random acts of kindness have affected their lives.
“The Moth is a podcast by National Public Radio where people tell five minute stories without notes recollecting a time where their lives were affected,” Hurwitz said, “and this week the theme was random acts of kindness.”
Hurwitz decided that she wanted to share a story about a trip she went on with her family where her mom allowed a less fortunate family to step in front of them in line at a carriage ride.
“Mostly you hear wild stories about strangers and the adventures they go through on the Moth,” Hurwitz said, “but I wanted to pay tribute to my mom.“
Although Hurwitz shared a personal story, junior Lindsay Navick shared her original poem “Earth and Sun,” and freshman Chloe Macomber shared the poem “Random Acts of Kinds” by John Lawless—both poems that reflect the main message of the Random Acts of Kindness Club.
“I liked the poem and I thought it had a good message,” Macomber said, “so I wanted to share it with others.”
In collaboration with the Moth podcast and the Random Acts of Kindness Club, members of the Creative Writing Club were presented and supported other presenters as well.
“I’ve always liked writing but I’ve never really had a chance to write creatively,” Macomber said, “so it’s nice to have a lot of people who also write to inspire me to continue to write.”
The Random Acts of Kindness club hopes to inspire and spread kindness throughout the high school and hold another storytelling event soon.
“Storytelling is so important in our world,” Hurwitz said, “and I thought it would be a great idea to share my story.”