Girls Soccer Falls to King Philip, Ending Their Season


Sarah St. George

Girls Varsity soccer falls to King Philip (KP) Regional, 2-0, in their last regular season game on Oct. 29. The Rebels only needed two more points to clinch tournament, which they were unable to earn, ending their season early.

“It was tough. Knowing we had to just win this one game to secure our spot in herget and despite the loss, I think the team played phenomenal,” senior Captain Emerson Macmillan said. “It was emotional for the entire team, mostly the seniors, but we ended the season playing to our fullest potential.”

With two Division 1 commits, KP has consistently been a strong opponent for Walpole and the majority of teams in the South Sectional Division. After a 6-1 loss to the Warriors last season, the Rebels have improved tremendously this season, although they had a worse record.

“In my opinion, we were one of the strongest teams in the league,” senior Captain Erin Regan said. “We had our off games and got unlucky some of the time, but we still fought through it and when we pulled it together, we were unstoppable.”

Walpole girls soccer ended their season with a 6-8-4 record beating Norwood, Natick, Braintree and Wellesley and Milton, twice.

“I’m disappointed about not making tournament because I feel that our record doesn’t reflect how much work we put in each and every day,” senior Abby McLaughlin said.

Going into next season, Girls soccer is losing nine players, six of which are starters and prominent assets on the field.

“It’s going to be tough losing so many important players,” junior Kelly O’Meara said. “Next year we are going to have a completely new team and on some levels that can be a good thing, but the team chemistry will be completely different.”

Although the Rebels’ season was cut shorter than they desired, the seniors are still overjoyed to have been apart of Girls soccer throughout the duration of their high school career.

“Playing varsity soccer at Walpole High School has been the best 4 years of my life. I love soccer and the amount of best friends I have made is just amazing. They have always been there for me through every laugh, cry, 20/ 30 and fight on the field. I can’t imagine my life without Rebsoc and looking back, I have no regrets and know I gave it my all every single practice and game. I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Rebsoc and hope to continue playing in college,” senior Captain Deirdre Erwin said.