Walpole High School Honors Mattson Through Scholarship and Change Drive


Ashley Kuropatkin, Assistant News Editor

The Walpole High community honors the memory of former custodian, Jeffrey Mattson, through a change drive that will support a future scholarship for one or more students. Lasting from Oct. 29 to Nov. 9, the drive collected over $1,000 through contributions from WHS students, faculty and boosters.

The drive was organized by secretary of School Counseling, Marianne McCann, who aimed to raise money for Mattson while simultaneously involving the school community.

“I thought the change drive would be an easy way for students to contribute,” McCann said. “I wanted to help with something in [Mattson’s] memory because I thought it was important to get students involved and contributing.”

Throughout the school, students and faculty could participate in the drive by depositing spare cash or change into one of the collection sites found in the main office, school counseling office and the snack bar in the cafeteria. The original goal for this drive in the School Counseling department was $250; however, WHS far exceeded their initial expectations.

“The change drive was a nice way for students to contribute because they did not have to feel like they had to give a certain amount of money,” WHS Principal Stephen Imbusch said.

The recipient of the scholarship will be awarded during the class of 2019’s graduation alongside other scholarships. This particular scholarship is not associated with the Walpole Scholarship Foundation but rather through the school’s own committee. The final amount of money raised will also determine the amount of recipients.

“There is a lot of balance in scholarships between sharing the money amongst the recipients,” Imbusch said. “The amount needs to be substantial because you can’t buy a book in college for $200.”

The money accumulated will ultimately decide whether or not this scholarship will continue in the future, but as of right now, this is a one-time scholarship. If the drive raises more than $4,000, then the Walpole Scholarship Foundation will make Mattson’s scholarship a part of their annual awards, ensuring that this scholarship will be awarded in future years, according to McCann.

“I was thinking this year’s change drive would be a one-time occurrence and just something to raise money in a quick and easy way,” McCann said. “If we raise over a certain amount, then this can become a scholarship in perpetuity through the Walpole Scholarship Foundation.”

WHS is willing to do another change drive in the future in order to raise money for another cause around the school. Mattson’s scholarship does not have specific requirements as of now; however, the school hopes to select a kind and compassionate recipient who is well-deserving of the award.

“The criteria for this scholarship is going to be somebody who has shown kindness,” Imbusch said. “Jeff really had that sense of kindness about him, and many people want the recipient to also be someone who is very kind.”

Marianne McCann
One of the flyers for Mattson’s change drive.