Winter Ball Dance Returns After Three Years


Megan Brigham

Seniors Abby Rae and Jess Horne pose during the Winter Ball.

After its absence for three years, the Winter Ball semi-formal dance returned to Walpole High School on Dec. 7. Students of all grades experienced their own version of a Winter Wonderland with a night full of singing, dancing and photos.

“Student Council hoped to have this dance to bring together students of all grades and create bonds at a fun and festive event,” sophomore Student Council representative Sarah Ball said. “We hoped for this dance to be successful and safe so that we can continue to hold events like this in the future.”

Ashley Kuropatkin
Sophomores Sophia Richer, Ali Fair, and Sarah Ball pose by the inflatable snowman.

The dance followed a theme of black, white and blue. To prepare for the dance, Student Council decorated the cafeteria and foreign language hallway with an array of paper snowflakes, an inflatable snowman and white Christmas lights, some of which were in the shape of Christmas trees.

“The set-up process involves the whole council, and before the dance we each took on different tasks including hanging up handmade snowflakes, putting up Christmas lights, setting up the check-in desk and placing other decorations around the cafeteria and hall,” junior Student Council representative Abby Duffy said.

The dance was held in the cafeteria, and students enjoyed a DJ and a photo booth to capture memories from their night.

“I think dances are a fun memory of my high school experience,” Student Council adviser Kerry McMenimen said. “I think it’s fun for everyone to get dressed up and be with their friends.”

Ashley Kuropatkin
Juniors Suzanne Hilts, Darci Coleman and Justine Prophil pose at the photo booth.

In the past, the high school decided to not hold school dances; however, Student Council has recently been working to host school-friendly activities involving the entire student body, such as the dances and PRIDE day.

“We feel the dances positively affect the whole school atmosphere,” Ball said. “When students show responsibility at school events, they are able to earn the privilege of having larger events such as the Winter Ball.”

With the money raised, Student Council hopes to plan more activities such as dances that unite all grades and increase school spirit.

“In the future, I hope we can host another Winter Ball or other dances like the Rebel Rave,” Duffy said. “They seemed like a huge hit in years’ past, and Student Council tries very hard to host enjoyable activities for the school.”

Megan Brigham
Freshman Jess Welch poses with juniors Alison Giffen, Becca Welch, and Matt Rodrigues.