“Celebrity Big Brother” First Week Recap

Spoiler alert! If you have not watched the first few episodes yet, come back to this article after you watch!

The first week of “Celebrity Big Brother” had a lot in store for both the houseguests and viewers. The second season of the show is already in full-swing, with a lot of drama and competition to keep the viewers captivated.

This season’s cast includes 12 celebrities: Anthony Scaramucci (former White House Communications Director and financier), Dina Lohan (manager), Joey Lawrence (actor and producer), Jonathan Bennett (actor and host), Kandi Burruss (singer and television personality), Kato Kaelin (actor and host), Lolo Jones (Olympic track and bobsled athlete), Natalie Eva Marie (former World Wrestling Entertainment wrestler and actress), Ryan Lochte (competitive swimmer and 12-time Olympic medalist), Ricky Williams (former NFL running back), Tamar Braxton (singer and television personality) and Tom Green (comedian).

The “Celebrity Big Brother” memory wall.

The Big Brother slogan “expect the unexpected” came alive as Julie Chen unleashed a never-before-seen twist on the celebrities. The first Head of Household (HOH) competition of the season would be played in pairs, and the winning pair would then battle against each other for the title. Even though the winning member of the pair would become HOH and guaranteed safety for the week, the losing member of the pair would unfortunately become the first nominee of the season. Furthermore, the new HOH only had 30 minutes to name two new nominees, who sat beside the losing member of the first pair.

Lochte and Bennett were the winning pair, but Lochte officially became the first HOH after battling in another competition. Due to his loss, Bennett became the first nominee, later alongside Green and Scaramucci. After the first Power of Veto (POV) competition, Williams became the winner and secured his safety for the week. He decided not to use the power, in order to keep nominations the same and avoid creating drama in the house.

Towards the end of the first week, another twist was unleashed on the house. The Celebrity News Twist revealed that there was a fake houseguest living in the house: Scaramucci. Upon his departure, Lochte had to name another replacement nominee, so he selected Burruss. The nomination upset many of the women in the house. Scaramucci hosted an unprecedented second POV competition of the week—allowing the nominees another chance of safety. Kaelin won the second POV and saved Green. Because one of the nominees was saved, Lochte had to name another replacement nominee, so he chose Lawrence as a pawn. If players are nominated as a pawn, then they are not the house’s real target for the week. The nomination of a pawn almost definitely ensures that the main target will be evicted that week; however, pawns have been evicted before, since the game is unpredictable.

Lochte, Bennett, Braxton, Burruss, Jones and Eva Marie attempted to form an alliance, but it quickly started to crumble as power pairs emerged instead. Lochte and Bennett’s relationship began to strengthen, which posed a threat to the rest of the celebrity houseguests.

At the end of the first week, the house had to evict either Bennett, Burruss or Lawrence. With a vote of 6-1-0, Bennett’s game came to an ironic end. Many of the houseguests believed it was in their best interest to evict Bennett, before himself and Lochte became too powerful. In the upcoming weeks of the game, both viewers and houseguests should be prepared for the twists that “Celebrity Big Brother” has in store.