2019 Rec. Basketball Post Season Preview

In the near future, the 2019 Rec. Basketball playoffs will tipoff as one man’s happiness makes another man’s sadness. This year’s regular season has concluded with the Mavericks in first place at 9-2 and the Magic right behind them also at 9-2. The playoff seedings have been finalized and the bracket has been made. The playoffs are single elimination, so win or go home. Here is the 2019 Rec. Basketball Post Season Preview:

(1) Mavericks (9-2) vs. (16) Lakers (0-11) The top seed Mavericks take on the winless Lakers. To summarize this matchup, the Mavericks will win. For the second round, the Mavericks will play the winner of the Celtics and the Knicks.

(8) Celtics (5-5) vs. (9) Knicks (5-5) As one of the toughest matchups to predict, the Celtics take on the Knicks in the first round. In early February, the Celtics defeated the Knicks, 68-62, in a close contest. The winner of this battle will move on to face the Mavericks to give the number one seed a tough game either way.

(5) Warriors (8-3) vs. (12) 76ers (3-7) The Warriors take on the 76ers in the first round in which the Warriors are clearly the favorites to move on. The 76ers gave teams a tough test in each of their seven losses this year so they will put up a fight that depends on the performance of Batman and Robin, who also go by Frank Famiglietti and Tom Russo. The winner will most likely play the Cavaliers.

(4) Cavaliers (8-3) vs. (13) Nuggets (3-8) The Cavaliers finished the season strong and are hoping to continue this run of form into the playoffs as they take on the Nuggets. The Nuggets will give them a challenge, but many predict the Cavaliers to bring home the dub and move on to most likely play the Warriors.

(3) Bulls (8-2) vs. (14) Nets (3-8) The Nets will take on the Bulls in the first round in what should be an easy game for head coach Brendan Croak’s team due to the lack of attendance from the Bulls. Senior Ben Scannell and junior Paul Vozzella along with others will be missing for the Bulls. The Nets come out lucky to start their postseason run.

(6) Thunder (7-3) vs. (11) Wizards (4-7) The Thunder will go up against the Wizards with the winner moving on for an easy second round draw against the Nets. The Thunder are obviously the favorite along with the fact that they have a strong chance of going all the way. If the Wizards somehow pull off the upset, it will be nothing but disappointment for the Thunder and will prove that anything is possible during the playoffs.  

(7) Rockets (6-4) vs. (10) Spurs (5-6) The Rockets did not live up to their expectations this season and are now sitting as the number seven seed and take on an evenly matched Spurs team. The Rockets will try to prove their worth as the winner will most likely take on the Magic.

(2) Magic (9-2) vs. (15) Heat (2-9) To keep it simple, the Magic will win this game against the Heat and expect to just keep winning. The senior trio of Jack O’Meara, Chris Merrikin and Tom Shea will carry the Magic far with a high chance of bringing home the championship victory.