Students Create Club to Improve Need for Water in Tanzania


Bridget O'Connor, Staff Writer

Over February break, WHS science teacher Sue Wick led students on a trip to Tanzania. As a part of that trip, students learned about how many people there were without access to clean water. Since their return, these students have started the Community Service Club to address both local and global problems and help those in need. Currently, their biggest initiative is to raise money to help Tanzania get clean and accessible water.

“The area of need that has been focused on thus far has been the lack of universal access to clean water,” co-adviser of the Community Service Club, Wick said.

On the Tanzania trip, students spent the week doing service work, including building the foundation for an elementary school room and going on water walks, where mothers and daughters walking to the closest water source and bringing the water back to their family, a treacherous journey these women make at least five times per day. While in Tanzania, WHS students joined the mamas, the women of the community, in their daily journey for water. Students carried five-gallon jerry cans on their backs and walked over two and a half miles to the closest water source and back to the mamas’ houses.

“This was an unforgettable experience for all that experienced it,” Wick said.

As a part of the trip, students also made jewelry with the mamas in Tanzania. Inspired by that experience, the students continued to make jewelry after they returned home. To raise money for water, students then sold these bracelets, necklaces, wraps and anklets at school events, such as Film Festival and sporting events, to raise money to help get clean and accessible water in Tanzania. All the profits that the club makes from the jewelry directly goes to the ME to WE Foundation, which directly goes to improving the quality and accessibility of the water in Tanzania.

“Jewelry was our best idea on how to accomplish our fundraising goals while also having fun with friends,” junior Angelina Zagami said.

In the future, the Community Service Club plans to continue to bring awareness to their cause. The club members are planning their own water walk in order to involve more people in the community and spread the word about the importance of clean water in hopes of making a change.

“We hope that awareness will help make people want to make a change as much as we do,” Zagami said.