Varsity Girls Soccer Welcomes Coach Brian Borde

Prior to the 2019 fall sports season, Coach Brian Borde was hired to coach the Walpole girls’ varsity soccer team. After a long search, Athletic Director Ron Dowd made the decision to hire Borde mid-August. 

“I have competed against the Rebels for the past 24 years as the Head Coach at Milton with both the Boys and Girls program,” Borde said. “I have always admired the athleticism and tenacity of these student-athletes, and I felt that I could help to build on those attributes if given the opportunity.” 

With over 45 years of experience as both a player and a coach, Borde played high school, club, collegiate, and semi-professional soccer, before turning his passion into coaching. Borde coached a variety of levels and soccer teams ranging from all age groups, from club teams to the U16 US Women’s National Team. 

Throughout preseason and well into the regular season schedule, Borde worked with his captains to establish goals for the present season as well as the postseason, while also implementing new systems he believes are crucial to the team’s success.

“During the first year, realistically, my goal is to organize the three lines of the team,” Borde said. “Implementing a new defensive system of a flat back four, playing with three central midfielders, and using a central target player upfront. Getting players to buy into a new system will take time and patience as well as discipline.” 

Coach Borde relies on all of his captains heavily to lead the team while he keeps the intensity high through some of the difficult losses. 

“Despite the many, many tough losses this season, Borde always remains confident in our ability to play well,” captain Sarah St. George said. “Although he is not always the most positive person he knows we are strong players and reminds us to keep playing for the graduating seniors and to end the season on a stronger note.” 

Borde also makes sure he incorporates all types of leadership on his team, on and off the field. 

“Coach Borde always makes sure I always have opportunities to lead the team despite my not being able to play because of my injury”, captain Kelly O’Meara said. “He always works with us captains to make the team better.”  

Despite being a below 500 record team, Borde remains hopeful and has his team work hard every day through tough opponents. 

“Having the ability to develop so many players makes for a bright future for each and every one of these athletes, given their coachability and resilience,” Borde said.