Crisp Offers Takeout and Catering To the Walpole Community

Speciality Pizza, Seafood, Salads and More Are Now Available in Walpole Center

The Walpole community will soon welcome high-end takeout and dine-in restaurant Crisp, owned by restaurateur Robert Carnes. Crisp will be offering pizza, seafood, steaks, pasta dishes, salads and more. The official opening is Jan. 15, and Crisp is looking forward to engaging with the customers through their culinary specialties.

“We are going to have pizza [and] seafood on our menu, so we can appeal to people from eight years old to people who are 80 years old,” Carnes said. “It does not have a target demographic like some restaurants might because the menu is big, and it really does have everything on it.”

Carnes began his restaurant experience at the age of 16, working at Venus Café in Whitman, MA, and he later went on to open and own the restaurant Robert’s Pub in Taunton, only to sell it afterwards to pursue family life. Since then, Carnes has worked at Sysco Wholesale Company, Performance Food Group and Reinhart Distribution.

“I have been ignoring this itch to open a restaurant for about 15 years, and I finally decided that it was time to give it a shot again,” Carnes said.

After much outreach from the Walpole community, Carnes is planning on applying for an alcohol license from the town. The menu is not limited to pizza, seafood and other popular recipes, as Crisp will also be creating Hawaiian Poke dishes and providing vegan and gluten free options. Montillio’s Baking Company and Pizzeria will also be supplying Crisp with Italian pastries, cookies and cakes daily. While Crisp plans on operating a steady takeout and delivery business, it also will offer catering. Carnes will use his connection with Reinhart Distribution to supply the restaurant with catering necessities.

“We have vegan and gluten free options, and we just want the community to let us know what they want. We want to be involved,” Carnes said.

Crisp will be offering a meal replacement service, where fully prepared meals will be available for customers to pick up. A takeout window will also be in service during spring and summer, and customers will be able to pick up and order food from outside. Roughly 30 seats will be inside the restaurant, and 25 to 30 seats will be outside in spring and summer. Crisp is located in the center of Walpole, which is a walkable distance from WHS. Students can easily walk in and grab food before or after a club, school event or sports practice.

“A big part of what we are going to do is [takeout], where people can literally walk in, grab an outstanding meal, and all they have to do is heat it up,” Carnes said.

Carnes currently lives in Norwood, and he places importance on getting to know the community, along with developing relationships with students, citizens and other businesses in Walpole. By maintaining an active Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account, Crisp has been hosting daily prizes such as “Twelve Days of Crispness” on Facebook to encourage future business and customer relationships. Carnes recently donated Celtics tickets to the Fisher PAC auction, where the winning family was able to go onto the court and meet some of the players.

“[Crisp is] doing a lot of advertising on Twitter and Facebook,” WHS senior and future employee Catie Martin said. “I think that they are putting themselves out there, so when they open, they will get a lot of people to go.”