People Should Be Encouraged to Reread Books


Charlotte Clarke

Reading a book more than once helps establish a deeper understanding for the text.

According to, the average American reads between four and 12 books a year. However, one in four Americans do not read any books throughout the course of a year.

At many middle schools and high schools, students are being taught that reading must be done to achieve a high grade, rather than something that can be beneficial for mental health and a break from what is going on in the real world. There are also countless apps and websites, including Spark Notes and Cliffs Notes, that have resources and chapter summaries to share information and prevent a student from reading on their own. It is likely that reading for academics discourages reading for leisure. 

As it is unlikely that there can be a major turn around in how English and language arts courses are being taught across the United States, there is an alternative option to reintroducing the idea of reading for leisure to students: suggesting a reread of a favorite book. Many people find that some of their favorite stories are from when they were in elementary school or middle school. This is supposedly due to the association that these books have with childhood. For example, it is common that the first book that one person reads on their own will forever be a lasting favorite of his or hers, simply from the significance and maturity felt from accomplishing reading by his or herself. 

Rereading books is a good option for those who are looking to take a break from all the screen time that is occuring with the current COVID-19 quarantine. For one thing, most bookstores and libraries have been closed. Additionally, it prevents people from having to spend more money on books, and can help people consider which books should be kept versus those that can be donated for others. says that rereading should be encouraged, as it aids in building a greater understanding of the text. Reading something more than once can help increase comprehension of greater ideas and themes. How one perceives something the initial time he or she experiences it can change with variations and circumstances the next time. Also, different aspects of the book, such as hidden messages, can situate themselves differently in a person based on when they are reading it. 

The Harry Potter series is one that is generally reread multiple times by readers. In the books by J.K. Rowling, there are lots of underlying secrets and interesting things revealed about the wizarding world that one cannot simply grasp all of it in just one read. People have also commented that an interesting way to read the books is backwards, beginning at the end, and ending at the beginning. 

Yes, rereading can take away time for people to discover new books and possibly favorites. However, especially during quarantine, it is something that should be encouraged, especially for those who have become uninterested in reading but have few stand outs.