Cole Tashjian Commits to Oberlin College to Play DIII Lacrosse

Senior Cole Tashjian, after investing six years in both Walpole and club lacrosse, will continue his athletic and academic career at Oberlin College. Oberlin College is a Division III school with Men’s Lacrosse located in Ohio. Oberlin plays a competitive schedule against talented teams like Denison University and Kenyon College.

“Shortly after visiting Oberlin in October, I decided to commit to their lacrosse program without any hesitation. What drew me to Oberlin was the academic selectivity, athletic competitiveness and appealing campus. At Oberlin, I will be a two-way midfielder,” Tashjian said.

While making the decision to commit to Oberlin was a big one, an even bigger decision was choosing lacrosse over football.
“I have always found interest in sports. After acknowledging the fact that I had the possibility to play at a collegiate level, my interest and love for the game of lacrosse furthered. Without regard to lacrosse, Coach Sullivan and the rest for the WHS Football staff have made a big, positive impact in my life,” Tashjian said.

Even though he spends countless hours training individually, Tashjian does not refrain from acknowledging all of his inspiring past coaches, family and friends and credits them for helping him become the talented player he is today.

Photo/ Tim Hoffman

“Most of all, I would like to thank Coach Andalo, Shea, Wick and Nudget for helping guide me throughout my Walpole High School Lacrosse career. I owe a lot of success to my coaches and parents who have supported me throughout my athletic career,” Tashjian said.

Moving forward, Tashjian is excited and is already planning ahead to make a huge impact in his collegiate career.

“As a freshman for Oberlin, my goal is to start and establish myself as a reliable player for the team. As time progresses and I become an upperclassman, my hope is to lead the team as a captain. I would love to continue my leadership from high school into college,” Tashjian said.

This late spring, Tashjian will complete his four years on the varsity lacrosse team while preparing himself for the next big step.