Five Cool Places to Hike This Spring and Summer

Katerina Gebhardt, Entertainment Editor

Adams Farm, Walpole

For a hike close to home, try Adams Farm, located right in Walpole. Adams Farm sits on about 700 acres of preserved land, so there is plenty of space to explore the property. The property features many options for hikes and short walks, as it has a wide range of easy, medium, and hard trails for visitors to choose from. As a local favorite, Adams Farm is definitely worth a visit. Dogs are allowed at Adams Farm

Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary, Sharon

Moose Hill offers over 25 miles of trails over 2,000 acres of land, with plenty of options for hikers of all levels. For a scenic hike, try the Bluff Trail, which leads to a picturesque view of Gillette Stadium. For a more challenging hike, head to Hobbs Hill, a challenging trail that leads through swamps and pine forests. Located along the trails are remnants of old farm walls and structures from centuries past, so if you’re looking for a place with a lot of history, Moose Hill is the place for you. Please note that Moose Hill does not allow dogs on the property.

Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary, Norfolk

Located a town over from Walpole in Norfolk, Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary features a large boardwalk system that winds its way through wetlands, forests and fields. The boardwalk allows hikers to get glimpses of wildlife both on land and in the water, so if you are hoping to see plenty of wildlife on your hike, then Stony Brook is the perfect place. With just two miles of trails, it is a fairly small area but well worth the visit for a scenic walk or hike. Please note that Stony Brook does not allow dogs on the property.

Walpole Town Forest, Walpole

For an easier hike, look no further than the Town Forest, located right behind the high school. The forest has plenty of easy walking trails that will offer glimpses into Walpole’s history and its present. Located within the forest lies a historic graveyard and a tree planted by 30th president Calvin Coolidge during his time as Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts. The town forest features several miles of wide and easy trails that are perfect for a short or long walk. Dogs are allowed in the Town Forest.

Wilson Mountain, Dedham

For a hike with a bit of elevation, look no further than Wilson Mountain in Dedham. While it is a hill rather than an actual mountain, Wilson Mountain provides views of the surrounding area as well as beautifully scenic trails. The nature reservation is home to numerous types of habitats and endless wildlife, making it a perfect spot for nature lovers. If you are looking for a scenic hike with a small challenge, this is the hill for you. Dogs are allowed at Wilson Mountain, but must remain on a leash.