Top Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2021

This past Halloween, many celebrities were looking to make a statement. There were several iconic looks that really turned heads. 

A popular look among celebrities this year was a squid games player. Squid Games is a new show on Netflix, released Sept. 17, and is currently trending on Netflix. Actress Kerry Washington who stars in movies such as “Django Untamed” and “The Human Stain” was among this group. She created this look by wearing a green and white tracksuit, with the numbers 456 on her chest. Washington’s costume was realistic, looking like she just stepped off the set. This was by far one of the most accurate recreations of the squid game players overall. 

Another impressive look was John Legend and wife Chrissy Teigen’s family costume, dressing as the Addams family. John and Chrissy went as the spooky couple, Gomez and Morticia. Their daughter, Luna, went as the daughter from the movie, Wednesday Addams. Teigen’s mom even participated in the look, dressing as the Addams Grandmama. Legend went as far as having an unidentified person dress as the infamous cousin It, with hair down to the floor. The costumes were exceptional, but they really sold the look on Instagram, posting a video of Legend playing the Addams family theme song on the piano, with Luna stopping her foot at the end just like the original. Overall a very creative costume, with each member really embodying their characters.

Kendall Jenner is always an icon in the fashion industry and continued this streak with her Halloween costume. The famous model dressed as the martian girl from the classic Tim Burton movie, “Mars Attacks”. Jenner wore a floor-length red and white patterned dress, with a blonde wig reaching over a foot tall, designing an almost perfect recreation of the original look depicted in the movie. Finishing off the look with blue eyeshadow and red lipstick, Jenner took on the character perfectly. 

No one can forget Harry Styles’s iconic look this Halloween; expectations were high and he exceeded them. Styles had his Halloween-themed show at Madison Square Saturday, Oct. 30. Fans went crazy when he came out dressed as Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz”. Styles wore red tights, with a blue and white checkered dress and matching hair bow, and of course the infamous shiny red slippers. Styles is known for breaking gender norms with his fashion sense, and he did not disappoint.

Overall, celebrities exceeded expectations this year, setting the bar high for next Halloween.