Harry Styles Drops Gender-Neutral Makeup Line


Initially known as the teen-heartthrob, Harry Styles made his debut as a singer and song-writer for the band One Direction in 2010. After the band’s split in 2016, however, Styles took advantage of his fame only to gain millions of more fans as a solo artist. Once defined as a skinny-jean wearing boy band artist, Styles is now an icon of the era. His feather boas, heart-shaped sunglasses and gold “H” and “S” rings have drawn him into the world of fashion as Styles has modeled for Gucci and introduced his own gender-neutral clothing. Nonetheless, Styles’ tremendous success has not stopped him from branching into other areas in Hollywood. On Nov. 15, 2021, Harry Styles announced the release of his unisex beauty line titled “Pleasing.” Pleasing consists of nail polish in various colors, skin serum, eye gel and lip oil. The question is, however, will Pleasing live up to Styles’ reputation?

Styles is infamous for having his nails painted as it is a message about breaking the barriers of gender and sexuality stereotypes, so it would be a crime if there was no nail polish in Pleasing. The Perfect Polish set includes three different colors: Perfect Pearl, Granny’s Pink Pearls, and Inky Pearl. While fans are disappointed that there is not a wider range of color, the provided colors do not disappoint. Each polish only requires one coat for full coverage; however, some fans agree that including a base coat would enhance the saturation of the polish. Sold at $20.00 for a single polish or $65.00 for the set, wearing this long-lasting polish from the Pleasing line is like a tribute to Styles himself. 

Skin serum is a dermatologist-recommended treatment for those who want to naturally diminish wrinkles and dullness in the skin, so the $30.00 Pearlescent Illuminating Serum from Pleasing is attracting virtually everyone. Floating inside the gel, “encapsulated pearls” hold a variety of antioxidants as well as vitamin B5 that provide a glow on the surface of the skin. However, these pearls also leave a residual stickiness on the skin that makes for an uncomfortable facial cleanse. After absorbing into the skin, though, the serum does sit well with other moisturizers and sunscreen for an ultimately refreshing glow.

The Pleasing Pen is a duo eye and lip cosmetic with a rollerball at each end to eject the products with a cooling tone. First of all, the eye gel has a refreshing quality that feels pleasantly cold after its application, but the fragility of the container makes squeezing the product underneath the eyes rather challenging. Similarly, the lip oil takes a bit of elbow grease to get out of the tube and its loose consistency requires the application to be done gingerly rather than effortlessly. Likewise, the lip oil does not last for a sufficient amount of time based on how often lip treatments are used. Its $26.00 value may not be completely reasonable based on the quantity of this product, but it simultaneously does save space when storing cosmetics.