Students Should Not Get Schoolwork Over Break

Time off from school is necessary for high school students stress levels


Graphic/ Kristyn Dentremont

School vacations are not meant to be spent doing homework or stressing over assignments.

Sophia Brownsword, News Editor

School breaks are exactly as their name defines: a break. This is a time for students to spend with their families, hanging out with their friends and relaxing. School breaks, contrary to some belief, are not the time for students to catch up on schoolwork. If students are stuck doing homework assignments over school breaks, then what is the purpose of the break? 

Days or weeks off from school are meant for a reset. A week off from sitting in a classroom for six hours a day, completing assignments and stressing over grades is necessary for the success of students. School breaks are something students anticipate and look forward to, and it is not just because they get to sleep in late. Students understand that during that break they will not have to deal with the daily added stress of school. Students get to spend quality time doing the things they do not get to do during the school year.  Families often spend their breaks traveling, as it is one of the only times kids are available. Nobody wants to bring their heavy school backpack with them on vacation, but oftentimes it is necessary. 

While many teachers do not assign homework assignments over breaks, breaks are used as a time for projects or studying for big tests. A lot of the time, projects will be announced days before a break and expected to be turned in a few days after students have returned. While this assignment is not technically assigned to do during the break, it is usually long enough that it is necessary for students to devote time for it during their breaks. Teachers are able to get away with assigning students homework over break off of the technicality that the assignment is not due until one or two days after students return to school. 

School breaks are essential to the performance of students. Students need specific time during the year to which they can devote to everything school gets in the way of. 5 days a week, week after week, month after month, is not a plausible solution for students’ mental health. 

 “During break, I feel relaxed, and it provides a nice gap from the continuous stress of the school year,” said junior Maddy Clark. 

School breaks act as a reset, where students can catch up on missed sleep as well as destress from their busy schedules. Weekends are not enough time to provide an adequate break, especially because students often get assigned homework over the weekend. 

“Coming back from break, I feel more prepared to handle the pressures of school,” said Clark. 

If the argument behind assigning students homework over breaks is that teachers do not get breaks off from grading, then students and teachers are facing the same issue. The solution to this collective issue should just be that everyone, including teachers, gets school breaks off from work. Breaks from school are meant to be just that, so they should be treated as such. Assigning any kind of homework, studying or review over a school break is unfair to the students, and sets the precedent for students that their entire life truly revolves around school.