Trendy Winter Nail Polish Colors



There is nothing like a good nail set. Nail polish colors are back for the winter season, and this year there are trendy colors and designs. Although any color can be used for all seasons, the following shades are trending this holiday season: red, dark green and navy blue.

Since winter is seen as a “dark” season, a dark nail color matches the season perfectly. All shades of grey can be seen to be winter colors. Any shade ranging from light to dark grey matches the winter vibe. A plain grey nail matches with different outfits and styles. Grey matte nails, rather than regular polish, are trending, as matte nails have popularized over the past year. This color does not pop, so if one is looking for a simple but elegant looking nail this will satisfy.

Blue nail looks never go out of style and trend nearly every year. This color also matches with many clothing items because the color is manageable and simple. Navy blue matches the winter vibe as it is a darker shade, but still provides a pop of color.  Using navy blue gel nail polish gives the nail an extra gloss effect to it as well. Similar to grey, navy blue can be worn year round, but it is definitely more popular during the winter season. 

Next up are two holiday favorites: red and green. This year especially, green has made a comeback. Sage green was very popular during the fall season, now pine green has made its way back for the holiday season. Adding golden sparkles on top of the green polish is the perfect  way to add a festive touch. In addition to green, red has always been a winter classic. Shades such as maroon and burgundy are always aesthetic around christmas time. There are numerous styles that could be added onto a red nail because of how flexible the color is. For example, one could get a white snowflake design on the ring finger, or make the nails look like candy canes with white stripes. With these two colors, there are so many different styles that could be made from the colors.When it comes to finding nail designs, Pinterest is the way to go, as there are all sorts of pictures for inspiration.

Although purple is typically seen as a spring color, a light shade of purple has made itself a trend this winter. The shade of purple is more so a whitish-purple rather than a lilac. Keeping this warm color simple is what makes it look sophisticated. Rather than throwing on sparkles or designs, keeping the color just as it is brings out the color more.

With winter being here, a good set of nails are essential. With the recommendations above, the process of picking a trendy color has now become much simpler.