Senior English Goes to Boston for Field Trip

On May 11, senior CP-2 English students at Walpole High School traveled into Boston by train to attend a walking crime tour of the city, as a end of the year recap in their overview of Boston culture and history. The walking tour was created and is now led by Boston natives who grew up during the reign of notorious crime lord Whitey Bulger and researched more about some of the more well known crimes that occurred in their home city, as well as thoroughly into the inner workings of Bulger’s empire. 

The tour was approximately two and a half hours, and began in the Seaport district, traveling through the North End, and then ending around the Faneuil Hall area. The tour recalls some of the most renowned serial killers and agents of crime in Boston history, including the Boston Strangler and the Brinks Job. But alongside these descriptions are some of more obscure occurrences, such as information about the pirates of Boston Harbor, dating back to the 1700s. The walking tours are soon to be accompanied by bussing tours, coming soon in 2023. 

Tour guide, Omar Doherty, was beloved by many of the seniors on the tour who recalled his funny jokes and appreciated his extensive knowledge on the subject.

“He was hilarious, charismatic, intelligent, interesting and more. He was the best tour guide I’ve ever had,” senior Aiden D’Alessandro said. 

Many crime lords and killers were featured on this tour, approximately, some names like English teacher Kerry McMenimen’s most interesting: Jane Toppan. Boston resident known as “Jolly Jane” admitted to killing over 100 people during the 1800s and was sentenced to asylum life in 1902. 

However, the original topic that brought out this tour, crime lord Whitey Bulger, seemed to be a favorite among students who partook in the tour. Tour guide Doherty took the students and teachers to many significant sights from Bulger’s reign. 

“I really enjoyed learning about the history of Boston and learning more about one of the most notable criminals in not only Massachusetts history but the entire United States history,” D’Alessandro said. “I love Boston’s wonderful yet twisted history and hearing Doherty tell it was even better.” 

This final end of the year field trip was entertaining for Walpole High seniors, and concluded their culture unit of Boston in an interesting and engaging way, with special thanks to tour guide Doherty, for making the experience what it was.

“If anyone is ever looking to do something similar, I suggest they ask for Doherty because he is the best,” D’Alessandro said.