“Bridgerton” Season Two Hits Netflix

Bridgerton first took the stage back in 2020, and after two long years, Netflix has finally released season two, picking right back up where it left off. The British romantic drama follows the wealthy and powerful families of England on their searches for love. 

The first season follows the Bridgerton family, specifically Daphne Bridgerton played by Phoebe Dynevor, as she searches for a suitable husband to start a family with. Her brother, Anthony Bridgerton, played by Jonathan Bailey, sends away many of her suitors, deeming them to be unsuitable for his sister. Anthony takes the role of “man of the house” in the absence of their father, who passed during their childhood. Anthony puts it upon himself to protect his seven siblings, specifically Daphne on her endeavors to find a husband. When Simon, the Duke of Hastings, played by Rege-Jean Page, shows up in London, he is the seemingly perfect fit for Daphne. However, he reveals his disinterest in marriage, and grows annoyed with the advances towards him from women. Daphne is still struggling to find anyone her brother deems suitable for her, and is running out of time and options. The two decide to entertain a fake romance in order to get the women off Simon’s back, and encourage men to try for Daphne before she is off the market permanently. This fake romance is believable and works in favor of both parties however, as time progresses the two realize the romance may not be as fake as they thought. When they decide their romance is no longer an act, they soon go through a series of arguments when Simon lies to Daphne, playing off her innocent mind, in order to avoid having children with her. Once she discovers his lies, she loses trust in him and struggles to be comfortable around him as their relationship becomes strictly professional as a result of Simon’s deceit. At the end of the season, they rekindle their love for each other during a ball and decide to move on from the past and have a child together.

Season two starts, taking place a few months from where season one left off. The Bridgerton family is now occupied looking to find Eloise a husband, despite her clear opposition.  The eldest Bridgerton, Anthony, decides he will not only find a suitable husband for his sister this courting season, but also finally find himself a wife. Lady Whistledown, the anonymous and infamous gossip-writer, known for exposing scandals in the town, is back and ready to stir the pot. An older woman, Mary Sheffeild, arrives during episode one with her two daughters, Edwina and Kate, looking to find them husbands. Edwina, the younger of the two, eagerly anticipates the courting season and the venture to find a husband. Kate, the eldest, is uninterested in finding a husband. She is solely interested in finding her sister a respectable suitor who can help their family resolve some financial concerns. But when she meets Anthony Bridgerton, the potential for love surfaces, creating a seemingly perfect match. But when he continues courting her sister and reveals his plans to marry her, Kate must decide whether she wants to hide her feelings and allow the marriage to proceed, or reveal her love to Anthony, consequently ruining her sister’s marriage and their relationship. 

Bridgerton is the perfect romantic drama with some shocking twists and turns. Season one was a hit, following Daphne Bridgerton and her season of courting. Season two should be just as impactful, following Anthony and Elosie Bridgerton now on their quests for love. Will they be successful in finding their love matches this season, or will they remain alone until next courting season?