Walpole’s Delux Tux Hosts Turkey Earthquake Relief Fundraiser

Overwhelming headlines for the past few weeks, Turkey has now entered a mourning period following the Kahramanmaras Earthquake and the 50,000 lost in the mass-destruction. With an atypical 7.8 magnitude striking the border of Syria and Turkey, survival has become a key component throughout the nations as citizens leave ruins homeless, limited resourcefully and grieving. People who live in the United States are facing difficulty in support and aid due to location, but many wish to donate and are unsure how.

For 20 years, John Ricci’s local business, Delux Tux, has found alternatives to provide donations and assistance to a variety of tragedies, including the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. Most recently, Delux Tux has pledged to donate any revenue from tuxedo or suit rental to The Center for Disaster Philanthropy, where donations are 100% guaranteed to reach those in need, specifically the people of Turkey and Syria. Such dedication has attracted not only great deals of business, but also further respect within the community. 

We have had people randomly wander into our shop not needing a tux or a suit and just looking to drop off a check,” Ricci said. “Right now my business is in the shoulder season, not really busy nor really slow; [even so], we have already collected thousands of dollars.”

Ricci runs two prosperous retail shops in Walpole and Franklin, both family owned businesses and participants in the race for donations. Despite past difficulties with COVID-19, both organizations have found stable footing to continue traditions of clemency for over 30 years.

“Give and you will get back both in business and in health,” Ricci said. “It makes us feel better donating these sales than the money of having slightly more profit at the end of the year would have.”

Nowadays, it is often rare to find corporations that avoid heavily focusing on profits and personal success; while it is necessary to stand out from competition, business ethics and care for the community is often sidelined for greed and materialism. Contributions such as these not only unite local small businesses, but additionally connect town-bred communities and unite groups for a great cause. 

 “I fully understand that my contributions will not make a huge difference, but every bit helps,” Ricci said. “I do believe that above-and-beyond we [will] ultimately end up with a donation number.” 

The Relief Fundraiser will last until March 20, with every single tuxedo or suit rental profit going into a check for the people affected by the disaster.