Hanley Brothers Shine on Gridiron and Diamond


The two brothers pose for a picture after last year’s Norwood baseball game. (Photo/Greg Salvatore)

Russell Ollis

The two brothers pose for a picture after last year's Norwood baseball game. (Photo/Greg Salvatore)

Something about brothers and success in sports coincides with each other.  Whether it be the Manning brothers in football or the Staal brothers in hockey, success and brothers have always gone together.  At Walpole High, this notion is no different as brothers Craig and Cam Hanley have shown.  Craig, a junior, is the older brother of Cam, a sophomore, and both are stars for the football and baseball teams.  Craig has started in either right or center field ever since being called up to Varsity halfway through his freshman year. Similarly, Hanley has held down the strong safety and wide receiver positions on the gridiron since his sophomore season.  Cam followed in his brother’s footsteps as he was also a starter in football this past year, at linebacker and fullback, and was the starting third baseman and left fielder for the baseball team as a freshman.  Known as Hammer (Craig) and Nails (Cam), the Hanley brothers have become synonymous with success as Rebels.

Not only do the Hanley brothers start in two sports, but they excel in both of them.  As a freshman on the baseball team, Cam had one of the highest batting averages in the Bay State League.  This past fall, the brothers have received some more recognition for their abilities on the field.  Craig was the winner of the Defensive MVP for the football team and also was named a Captain for the 2011 Rebel Football Team.  Cam was not to be outdone though, as he was the winner of the Defensive Rookie of the Year award.  Cam also led the team in tackles, dethroning two-time All-Star and senior Captain Dave Conroy.  With baseball season approaching, it seems as if the Hanley brothers will receive more impressive accolades in the near future.

Along with performing on the field, the Hanley brothers do well in the classroom as well.  The two are honor roll students and take academics seriously.  This attitude of excellence in school and athletics is attributed to their father.

“My father has motivated me,” said Craig, “he always wants us to try and make ourselves better not only on the field, but off – such as in school.”

It is obvious that their father’s influence has had a huge impact on the Hanley brothers, but each brother has also motivated the other to push themselves.  The sibling rivalry that occurs between the two results in success for Walpole High’s football and baseball teams because as one trains, the other has to train as hard in order to out-perform their brother.

“[Cam] has motivated me as well,” Craig said, “because whenever he does something, I know I have to do it better.”

Playing a high school sport with your brother is an opportunity that few have; however, Craig and Cam – and Walpole High – are lucky that they have several years to play alongside each other.  When asked of how it is, being able to play alongside your brother, Cam said, “It’s cool and fun at some times, but at times it gets annoying.”

The duo of Craig and Cam have strengthened the Rebels defense during football season and the offense of the baseball team.  The baseball season has started and expectations cannot be higher as the 2011 baseball team is projected to far exceed the accomplishments of last year’s team. One of the reasons for a better season could be the extra year of experience that the Hanley brothers now have under their belts.  With the help of Craig and Cam, it is sure to be a successful season for the baseball team.