Track Teams Beat Elements and Warriors in First Meet


Jeff Meaney

Boys 100m Dash

Girls 100m Dash

Boys 110m Hurdles

Girls 100m Hurdles

Spring is supposed to be the optimal season to run — not too hot and not too cold for the runners, jumpers, and throwers. This, however, was not the case on the first meet of the year for the Walpole High Boys and Girls Track Teams. Walpole endured whipping wind, driving rain, and snow—all before Brookline showed up at 4:15 for a 3:45 scheduled meet on March 31 at Walpole High School. Once the meet was over, Walpole was rewarded for their long wet wait in the rain with a 101-35 for the girls and 89-47 win for the boys.

The girls won first place in 13 of the 15 events with second and third place scattered throughout. The boys also had success placing first in eight events. The top performer on the girl’s team was sophomore Maddy Shea who placed first in four events, scoring twenty points for the girls team. For the boy’s team sophomore Connor McCarthy also placed in three events. In the meet the strongest event for the girls was the long jump where Maddy Shea, senior Amanda Carney, and freshman Savonna Small-Brown finished first, second, and third respectively. The boys swept in the 110m hurdles with McCarthy leading the way followed by Jackson Paslaski and Connor Murtagh. The Rebels prevailed through the sloppy conditions to have a successful meet.

Walpole’s next meet on April 5 against Norwood appears to have similar weather conditions, anything could happen in less then ideal conditions. So for their meet the Rebels boys and girls track teams will have to battle the elements along with their arch rival Norwood.