Dodgeball Tournament is a Stride Toward Improving School Spirit


School spirit has always been an issue at Walpole High School, but this year’s student council has been making their biggest effort yet to change the lack of enthusiasm in the crowd. With minimal participation in the past few years at the Mr. WHS event, the Student Council has decided to discontinue this event and has replaced it with a Dodgeball Tournament.

Student Council advisor, Ms. Kerry McMenimen, spoke of the event change: “I am sad that we are not doing Mr. WHS, but after last year’s poor attendance it didn’t seem like the school was psyched for it as they have been in years past.” Adjusting to the interests of the students, the student council aims to run events that everyone will attend and enjoy. Depending on the outcome of this year’s Dodgeball Tournament compared to that of Mr. WHS, the council will bring back whichever event is more desired. Ms. McMenimen said, “I would love to bring [Mr. WHS] back if there is a strong demand and a lot of willing participants.” Some people may not be happy about the discontinuation of the traditional Mr. WHS event at the high school, but changes constantly have to be made so that problems, such as school spirit, can be changed as well; and, the Dodgeball Tournament is a good start.

The First Annual Dodgeball Tournament is scheduled for May 23 in the high school gym. Teams will be consisted of 8 members, with at least two members of the opposite gender. Entry fee for the event is $5 per player. Ms. McMenimen, and the entire student council, are excited to see the turn-out and feedback of the new event. “My expectations are for the students to have fun!,” Ms. McMenimen said.┬áBy putting in hard-work to advertise the event and by making sure it runs smoothy, the council hopes that the event will be a success.