Relatable relationships throughout “He’s Just Not That Into You”

Alex Barmakian

            You have no new messages. This automatic voice messaging system has rapidly become women’s anti-drug. Are you the kind of person who checks their phone every five seconds waiting for a call or text from the potential Mr. Right? Do you find yourself reliving the situation where you met him, wondering if you, by any chance, said or did something stupid? As you sit and attempt to change your image for that potential special someone, did you think that maybe he’s just not that into you? 

           Women in this incredibly accurate film are exceptionally guilty of the overly-obsessive traits that overcome them. When there are no voicemails left on their Blackberries, they are convinced that they do not have service, preventing them from receiving any form of an invitation for a second date.  Based on the novel by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo, the elaborate cast of “He’s Just Not That into You” consists of A-list celebrities. Jennifer Anniston, Scarlett Johansson, Ben Affleck and Drew Barrymore all grace the audience with their presence as well as top newcomer Ginnifer Goodwin.

            Goodwin stars as protagonist Gigi Haim, a young and successful woman who is on the hunt of a lifetime for love. As she is continuously rejected by men, she seeks help from Alex, played by Justin Long, the local bartender. Gigi constantly asks him for advice until she begins to blindly fall for him.

            The film, directed by Ken Kwapis, who also worked on “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” and “License to Wed”, captures needy women and their daily struggles with relationships. Since men can never make up their mind when it comes to women, they are portrayed as perpetually giving mixed signals. Women almost always pick up on these slight implications and take it to the extreme, scrutinizing every little detail, similar to the female population in the feature. Modern technology plays a significant role in the movie as people’s social lives revolve around texting, facebook, or myspace. A co- worker of Drew Barrymore even jokes that “Myspace is the new booty call.” 

            Anniston gives the film a little extra oomph with her role as Beth, who has been dating Affleck’s character, Neil, for seven years. Beth is searching for commitment and decides that Neil better marry her soon or else she wants to break up with him. As the film carries on, the viewers learn the fate of their relationship as it goes through the fire and flames.

            Meanwhile, as the love circle between Ben Gunders (Bradley Cooper), Anna Taylor (Scarlett Johansson), Janine Gunders (Jennifer Connolly) and Conor Barry (Kevin Connolly) branches out into mass pandemonium, it is evident that nothing is meant to be between the lovers. 

            “He’s Just Not That Into You” has an uncanny knack of making all audiences feel like they can relate to at least two characters through the duration. Men and women, young and old, have exited the theaters knowing that the moral messages that have just been screened are true yet entertaining. Although it is considered a “chick flick”, men have given it the thumbs up. This feature film is definitely worth the price of admission.