Entourage Series Finale Marks End of an Illustrious Era

Entourage Series Finale Marks End of an Illustrious Era

James Cullinane

Entourage Series Finale Marks End of an Illustrious Era

Entourage, a Sunday night mainstay of HBO, over its eight captivating seasons, captured the hearts of viewers across the nation.  Perhaps due to the “fantasy-like” lifestyles of its characters or their unbreakable male camaraderie, Mark Wahlberg and Doug Ellin’s co-creation proved undeniably ingenious en route to gaining immense popularity.

All of the aforementioned attributes of Entourage certainly contribute to its widespread acclaim, but in all reality, the fame of HBO’s hit series can be accredited to the fact that it possesses the highly elusive “X-Factor.”  In many ways, Entourage was as close to perfect as a series could get; it has star power, an intriguing plot, and perhaps most importantly, a perfectly casted ensemble: Vincent Chase, the carefree film star; Johnny “Drama” Chase, the less talented and less attractive brother; Eric Murphy, the perfectly played manager/confidant; Turtle, the cuddly, pot smoking driver; and, of course, Ari Gold, arguably the series’ most essential character, the self-proclaimed most powerful agent in Hollywood (who has become a household name due to his highly offensive, yet undeniably hilarious, profanity ridden rants.)  One of the most notable successes of Entourage is the fact that this cast of five average actors yet to hit the big time, has become one of the most beloved ensembles on television.

On September 11, 2011, over seven years proceeding its debut, Entourage reached the bittersweet culmination of its shortened final season.  With an episode fittingly entitled, “The End”, Entourage’s writers attempt to wrap up the series in an appropriate fashion, and do so to a relatively successful extent.  I mean, who doesn’t love a happy ending, right?

Following the darkest season of Entourage– which included a stay in rehab for Chase– Season Eight somehow manages to come full circle, with the lovable gang as tight-knit as ever.  In essense, every major character seemingly gets what they have longed for over the past eight seasons.  Is the ending impractical and perhaps too fairy tale-like? Sure.  However, it’s only appropriate that the final episode of Entourage would end in an airport hangar in accordance with its trademark season finale blueprint.  Furthermore, it is even more appropriate that viewers are left entirely satisfied, watching these characters, with whom they have grown so close, flying into the sunset–both literally and figuratively.

Ironically, the most touching moment in Entourage’s final episode may come in its closing credits, as Led Zeppelin’s emotional “Going to California” plays over the rolling credits.  HBO probably had to dish out big money for the rights to this song (Zep doesn’t give up licensing without a fight), but it perfectly personifies the show’s driving force– that anyone can make it in Hollywood, underdog or not.

For diehard fans, who have dedicated their DVRs to Entourage for the past eight seasons, it is a truly painstaking fact to face that they will never again feel the anticipation with which they have become accustomed to on their Sunday afternoons. However, loosely confirmed rumors of a farewell movie, along with Ari’s cliff-hanger ending after the rolling credits, provide hope to viewers that they have not seen the last of America’s most beloved fictional movie star and his notoriously loyal entourage.