“New Girl” deserved Best Comedy Series Award

New Girl deserved Best Comedy Series Award

Mackenzie Wilson

During award season there are disappointments, tears, and victories. The best shows and actors are at the mercy of the voters, often allowing the most deserving of either category to lose. Among the scorned was Elizabeth Meriwether’s “New Girl”. The new show received two nominations in the “Best Television Series— Comedy or Musical” category. Its star, Zooey Deschanel (who plays Jess), was a nominee in the “Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series— Comedy or Musical” category. Yet both Deschanel and “New Girl” were snubbed, and the awards they should have received were given away to less deserving shows.

“New Girl” is an off-beat comedy centering around the life of Jess Day (Deschanel), a quirky school teacher who never lacks in cheerfulness or colorful sundresses. Her life is turned upside down as a result of a bad breakup with her cheating ex-boyfriend. To make matters worse, Jess is kicked out of the house they share, leaving her homeless as well as heartbroken. Thankfully, she finds salvation by moving into a loft with three male roommates named Nick (Jake Johnson), Schmidt (Mark Greenfield), and Winston (Lamorne Morris). This diverse group of roommates is sure to keep any viewer in stitches when they see Jess’ crazy new life unfold as Schmidt, Nick, and Winston add even more color to her already vibrant life.

One would think a group of characters like these would be too overpowering for one comedy series; if that’s the case, they clearly underestimate the power of FOX. Schmidt’s self-declared “player” persona isn’t too much for the series, seeing as though Nick’s slightly wet towel additude and Winston’s sacastic comments keep everything in check. Before their dour additudes get viewers down, however, Jess intervenes to cheer up—or annoy—every single one of them. These roommates get into more interesting situations than the foursome in The Wizard of Oz.”

In a recent episode, Jess put her friendly attitude to work as she tried to get their cranky old landlord to like her. Nick warns her against the decision, because unlike optimistic Jess, he only sees the bad in people. Unfortunately, he was right this time around after skeevy landlord Remy (Jeff Kober) tries to have his way with Jess. The message to find the good in people may not have made it to the end, but there were plenty of laughs along the way as Jess almost gives into Remy’s advances just to prove Nick wrong.

With so many laughs and bright characters it is a wonder that “New Girl” did not win either of its nominations. Because Descahnel easily turns Jess into an amazingly funny character, she truly deserved the Best Actress award. Similarly, “New Girl” deserved both awards because it is simply “adorkable.”