Draw Something Sketches a Trophy For Most Addicting App

Draw Something Sketches a Trophy For Most Addicting App

Meghan Driscoll

Have you ever wanted an app where you can draw, socialize with friends, and also earn coins? Well now there is one.  “Draw Something” is an extremely addictive game that is impossible to stop playing.  Go to the app store, and download this game.  It is not something one will regret.

Select a random game and just draw.  It’s something to laugh and talk about.  Created by OMGPOP, one will realize their math homework doesn’t need to be complete.

It’s free with ads or 0.99 without, but one will find out it’s worth much more than that.   Once you download the game, there is not a chance you will stop playing.  The key of the game is to be able to guess your opponent’s drawing, and draw well.

It’s addicting, but why?  One may find it fun to play with strangers around the world, while another may find it even more enjoyable to be able to laugh about it with friends.  Either way, there is the chance to be an artist.  This game is similar to Words with Friends, which is such a popular game among all ages.  But now, there’s no scrabble involved, only drawings.

When one decides to download the app, there will be a chance to connect with Facebook or email.  It makes it easier to play, rather than creating a seperate username.  The game gives three drawings to choose from.  An easy drawing is worth one coin, a medium is worth two coins, and difficult is obviously, worth three coins.  A player uses the coins as currency to obtain more colors or bombs, which act as extreme advantages during game time.  Pick one and simply draw.  It’s that simple!  Once the person guesses your drawing, they are asked to draw back, in which you are required to guess.  The lack of complication this game consists of, makes it even more satisfying.

However, the app does have its downfalls. As many avid players may already be aware, there is nothing more annoying than having to play with a cheater. One will find that if they decide to play with a random opponent, someone’s only goal could be to collect coins.  It’s certainly no fun when that happens.  Also, one will find that the words start to repeat after playing for a period of time.  Who likes repeated drawings? No one.  It’s more amusing when the words vary and it is a challenge. OMGPOP should design an improved version, with numerous words to choose from.  Finally, many players are complaining about “no chat room.”  Being able to say “Wow! Never would have guessed that!” or “Nice drawing!” would bring more excitement and laughter to the game.  If OMGPOP produces a brand-new version of “Draw Something,” they should unquestionably include those additions.

Unlike many games, this game is also available on Android phones.  That way, Android owners won’t feel left out (Like always). It is widely played among smart phone users, and it’s popularity is constantly increasing. With the game talked about all over Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, this game has the exact formula for success.  Can you handle the madness?  How is your drawing ability? Get this app and find out.