Comedy Central’s “Tosh.0” Looks Forward to Another Great Season

Bobby Rabaioli

Comedy Central may have found the next big hit for television since America’s Funniest Home Videos.  Daniel Tosh, a fan of high fashion in his recent videos, creates priceless jokes on viral videos that have been recorded over the past few years.  “Tosh.O” is televised on Comedy Central at 10:00 ET on Tuesday nights and is currently in its fourth season.

“Tosh.O” has been a surprising hit since 2009 when it averaged over a million viewers per episode since season one.  In season three, the success did not stop.  In the summer premiere of the season, “Tosh.O” attracted over 2.4 million viewers and then the next episode had a total of 2.7 million viewers.  The second episode turned out to be the most watched among males between the ages of 18 and 49.  “Tosh.O” is now the most watched non-animated show on the network, which beat out shows like “The Daily Show”, and “The Colbert Report”.  Despite the success of the show, some people have stopped watching the show due to the vulgar, racist, and homophobic comments made on videos about other people.

The format of the show begins with a viral video which often causes the viewer pain from just watching it.  The video is usually displayed with someone taking a risky dare, but eventually failing.  Tosh usually puts a 20-second clock on the board to make up as many jokes as he can in that time space about the failure committed.  The show will continue with other segments with videos provided with commentary from Tosh, providing teenagers with jokes for the next few days. After, most of his shows include a web redemption for someone who has failed at trying to attempt a crazy stunt.  Tosh will usually interact with the person in the video as he tries to recreate the situation. The show concludes with Tosh advertising his next tour or trying to get people to follow him on twitter.

So far in the current season, Tosh has special guests like Chris Rock, which adds interest for its viewers.  Rock changed the show from “Tosh.O” to “Rock.O”, causing the live audience to get a kick and a couple of laughs.  The moment Tosh stepped  back on the stage to reclaim his show, the crowd went into a frenzy of boos and chants like, “We want Rock.”  Of course, this was all planned as part of the show— since Tosh usually likes to mess around with his audience— but the reactions from the audience even made the comedian himself laugh.  Also in this season, the theme has been to include the two words “Hardcore Parkour,” which consists of jumping over and avoiding any objects that might be in one’s way.  Also in the description for this event, you will need a hard core to parkore.  Tosh has also been making his fellow co-workers eat exotic foods which ranged from the world’s hottest hot sauce, to half iced tea with a special ingredient, to the innards of a pig (not the meat).  Daniel Tosh has faced some criticism in the effort to make people laugh with his “mocking humor.”  Tosh uses sarcasm and other critical jokes, not holding back on anything.  The whole reason Tosh has been successful for so long because of these jokes, so it is only natual that he would continue to use them.

The show is on a brief break due to Daniel Tosh’s tour in Oklahoma, Colorado, and Las Vegas.  The show will return on May 29th and will enjoy even more success if it follows last years pattern, where it nearly doubled its viewers.  Lucky for his fans, Tosh left viewers with one of his illustrious missions (until he returns sometime in June) that can only be described in one word: “Awkward.”  The mission is to touch women’s stomachs while they are not looking.  Another mission by Tosh so far this season was to have everyone send cheese to the studio in an effort to cancel his own show and to “Hardcore Parkore”.

“Tosh.O” unfortunatly is going to end at one point in the future, but some people may be surprised that it is ending sooner, rather than later.  The reason for this is because Tosh plans to retire by his 38th birthday by either “committing suicide,” or by just “retiring to the beach” .  He often compares his job to the movie “Groundhog Day”, and shows this by keeping a clock on his official website, counting down the days left until he retires.  Probably one of the funniest shows on the air, Daniel Tosh successfully manages to put anyone in a good mood, despite some of the controversial jokes.