From the Vault: Disney Channel Shows

Lizzie McGuire is one of the most prominent old Disney Channel shows.

Lizzie McGuire is one of the most prominent old Disney Channel shows.

Karalyn Kickham

Lizzie McGuire is one of the most prominent old Disney Channel shows.

On a rainy or cold Saturday morning, what is one to do? The weather is not nice enough to be outside, and you probably do not have plans until later in the day.  For a boy, the solution is simple: he will just spend the whole day playing video games.  A girl, on the other hand, is hesitant to share her plans.  She turns on the TV and flips to Disney Channel after looking around to make sure the coast is clear; for she could never admit what she is about to watch (hello, social suicide).  She cannot help but let out a sigh of disappointment when she sees what is on: either A.N.T. Farm, Shake It Up, Austin & Ally, or Jessie.  Thinking about these shows, it gets her— and every other teenage girl— wondering: what ever happened to the good old days of Disney Channel?

Whether they will admit it or not, most girls are nostalgic when it comes to the Disney shows they used to watch, and almost every one of them secretly wishes they were still airing.  So let’s take a quick trip down Memory Lane and revisit some of those great Disney shows today’s teenagers grew up with.

That’s So Raven, which aired from January 2003 to November 2007, has received higher ratings than any other Disney Channel show.  The series is about Raven Baxter, a psychic teen who can see short visions of the near future.  When Raven has a vision, she seeks the help of her two best friends Chelsea and Eddie to try and change what will happen, but their involvement ends up making the situation worse.  Some highlights of the show are Raven’s two catch phrases, “ya nasty” and “Oh snap!”  Also, who could possibly forget the boy band on the show, Boyz n Motion? That’s So Raven is definitely one of the best shows that has been on Disney Channel.

Kim Possible is the longest running Disney Channel Original Series, airing from June 2002 to September 2007.  Kim Possible is an animated show about Kim (a teenage crime-fighter) and her sidekick— and eventually her boyfriend— Ron Stoppable.  The show is full of action and comedy as Ron’s goofy character adds humor to almost every scene.  Despite the entertaining plot, the show is most widely known for its theme song.

Phil of the Future only has two seasons, as the show aired from June 2004 to August 2006. Phil and his family are from the year 2121, but due to a broken time machine, they find themselves stuck in present day (starting in 2004).  The family keeps their identity a secret— except for Phil, who tells his best friend and love interest, Keely.  Phil has to deal with his bratty sister Pim and problems at school while waiting for his dad to fix the time machine. Phil and Keely’s innocent relationship helps to make the show so memorable.

Finally, Lizzie McGuire: the epitome of a fabulous Disney show.  Even though Lizzie McGuire ended in 2004, most high school girls still remember the show and can’t help but smile when they are reminded of it.  The show revolves around Lizzie, a Junior High student, and her two best friends Miranda and Gordo.  It follows Lizzie through her hectic life and constant issues with the stereotypical “mean, popular girl,” Kate.  Gordo acts as the voice of reason, always offering advice to Lizzie to help her through her problem. Little does she know, Gordo has a secret crush on Lizzie throughout the series.  In The Lizzie McGuire Movie, Lizzie and Kate become friends, and Gordo and Lizzie share a long-anticipated kiss.  The movie is a perfect ending to the television series, and is definitely one of the best Disney Channel movies out there (aside from The Cheetah Girls, of course).

The grandeur of these Disney Channel shows left an impression on many girls currently in high school, though most would never own up to it.  The shows airing on Disney Channel today are a huge disappointment compared to what teenage girls grew up with. Also, if you still would like to keep your guilty pleasure of old Disney shows a secret, then hey, you don’t even have to tell anyone that you read this.