Paramore’s “Brand New Eyes” shows a new level of maturity

Alex Barmakian

  In Paramore’s third and latest album, “Brand New Eyes”, lead vocalist (Hayley Williams) and band mates (Josh and Zac Farro, Jeremy Davis, and Taylor York)shocked fans by compiling an eleven song record focused on teen rage and animosity. In the months leading up to the release, the band became extremely close to separating. The stress of producing a new hit album and the young, adolescent ages of the five members was almost too much to handle. Through expressing their feelings and emotions in their lyrics, they were able to overcome their differences and discuss personal issues within the band.

  “Brand New Eyes” was originally a track on the playlist, but was ultimately scratched. According to an interview with MTV News, the album name signifies the rebirth of Paramore because the band is “seeing everything in a whole new perspective”. Songs like “Careful” and “Feeling Sorry” use powerful words to describe how individuals cannot trust people in society and how living in self pity can rapidly become a dangerous path to choose. Paramore wants its listeners to know that once a person falls into self pity, no one will feel empathy for them. As the album progresses, the mood changes from angry and cynical to reminiscent and inspirational. The “Only Exception” establishes Williams’ softer side, as she voices some deep feelings: “ When I was younger, I saw my daddy cry, And cursed at the wind, He broke his own heart, And I watched as he tried to reassemble it, And my momma swore that, She would never let herself forget, And that was the day I promised, I’d never sing of love, If it does not exist.” Despite their young age, Paramore’s messages throughout “Brand New Eyes” help to certify their maturity to the music industry.