HBO’s “VEEP” Brings New Perspective to Politics

HBOs VEEP Brings New Perspective to Politics

Bobby Rabaioli

HBO has long been a station that is not usually among those famous for airing comedies; however, thanks to the addition of a new and unique series, one may be in for a pleasant—and funny— surprise. “VEEP”, starring former Seinfeld star Julia Louis-Dreyfus,is a show that brings a new and much needed air of comedy to HBO. Based on the hectic life of a Vice President with no real political power in her job,  “VEEP” is currently in its first season airing Sunday nights at 10 p.m.

HBO brings some humor into the predominantly serious and professional world of politics with the introduction of “VEEP”.  The creator of “VEEP”, Armando Iannucci, argues that, with the impending election and flawed political system, there may never be a better time to premier the show.  The comedy has recently received mixed reviews,  from “A hilarious new sitcom” -New York Post, to “More dull then silly”-USA Today.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus stars as Selina Meyer, a woman surrounded by the fickle world of politics.  Her character is fearless and confident, as her main goal so far has to been to get her first bill— the “Clean Jobs Commission”– passed.  The only problem is the fact that she needs support from two different companies who want no part of collaborating with each other.  Apart from Selina, other characters include Anna Chlumsky as Amy Brookheimer, Chief of Staff;  Tony Hale as Gary Walsh, Vice President; Matt Walsh as Mike McLintock, Director of Communications and Selina’s personal aide and Tim Simons as Jonah Ryan, White House liaison.

The diverse cast of personalities alongside Louis-Dreyfus add priceless jokes and witty comments, which make the show even better. In the show, Gary was asked by his fellow co-workers if he would “take a bullet for the VP”.  Further into that episode, Gary takes not a bullet but a projected sneeze during a meeting, causing him to catch an awful cold. Also, the introduction of lazy but hilarious  Mike leaves viewers excitedly anticipating what he has will say next, as he always seems to have the perfect excuse for arriving late to work.

One of the best moments in the new series so far has been the incident in which the president travels to Africa and is thought to be having a heart attack.  As soon as the news reaches the White House, Selina is quickly brought to a secure location and becomes the acting President in complete control of the country. In a few hours though, more new is received that the President just experienced heartburn and would be all right.  Selina claims she is relieved, but viewers laugh at her misfortune when she is soon returned to her powerless position as Vice President.

Already, the success of “VEEP” is evident—for  it has already been renewed for a second season.  The show, featuring crazy antics and portraying government officials as foolish and comedic, has brought a new perspective to people about how real-life politics might actually work.  Admittedly, the show is a little similar to the series “The Thick of It”, due to the fact that the two programs share the same writers.

Overall, “VEEP” is a show worth watching.  It is fast paced, and easily one of the best upcoming comedies on today’s television.  Also, Julia Louis-Dreyfus brings her acting experience from “Seinfeld” to a new cast that is not yet recognizable. Finally, the way the show pokes fun at the political system is arguably the best reason to watch because of the scary truth that the show might reveal how things are really run in the U.S. Government.