New cell phone policy is nothing but positive

Students should be able to handle the privilege to use cell phones at lunch.

Students should be able to handle the privilege to use cell phones at lunch.

Amanda McManus

Students should be able to handle the privilege to use cell phones at lunch.

Cell phones have been absolutely prohibited in Walpole High classes, for different reasons. We as students know this by now-its what we’ve gotten accustomed to. With all the detentions and scoldings from teachers over the years, students are definitely aware. But what seems like a breakthrough has occurred; the school has changed the cell phone policy, making it so that students are allowed cell phone use during lunch only. If anything, this is nothing but a step in a good direction. It was surprising to hear that the school gave more thought to a rule that we had all thought would never change and now we are finally given privileges we feel we can handle, even if they’re still limited.

Students clearly disobeyed the cell phone policy to some extent before the new change, and probably still do. But the chance to freely use them during lunch block offers a time period to answer what needs to be answered, or contact whoever needs to be contacted. Its more likely that after lunch students won’t be so preoccupied on checking their phones because of the opportunity they just had to use them. The urge that many kids probably feel to check their phones is alleviated during those 25 minutes.

In the technological modern world, society is obviously moving towards more frequent and advanced use of electronics. Every common household has one or more computers, televisions, phones, etc., and cell phones have become a necessity, as we all know. So it should only make sense that such technology be used during school, where students spend most their time. Being given access to cell phones during lunch is allowing us to participate in the still-growing technology all around us. Cell phones should be able to be used in school because of the simple fact that technology is heavily relied on nowadays.

Obviously cell phones potentially make cheating easier or harassment more constant. But the prohibition of them does not stop these things from happening either. Making cell phones off limits could even tempt people to use them for things like that. If someone is cheating or harassing someone, they probably don’t hesitate to use their phone in class. So some may argue that the school is allowing some of this to take part, but truthfully it will happen no matter what. The lightening up on the policy is a positive change that shows the school boards confidence in it’s students. We are given a block of time where the teachers trust us to use our phones without causing trouble.

The small change, though some may call it unimportant, could be an indication of changes to come. Maybe someday students can have more lenient access to cell phones in the future. Students are not more at risk for harassment, or at a better advantage for cheating because of the difference. It is a positive change that shows trust in the student body and makes lunch an even more recreational break in the day.