“Brickleberry” Is Another Politically Incorrect, Yet Hilarious Comedy

Brickleberry Is Another Politically Incorrect, Yet Hilarious Comedy

Dan Aldridge

Comedy Central’s new animated show Brickleberry, which airs Tuesday nights at 10:30 p.m. after Tosh.O. Though while the animated aspect may lead viewers to believe that Brickleberry is a show for kids, this is an adult show, which is prevalent by its TV-MA rating. Brickleberry is a take off of Tosh.O’s offensive and borderline controversial humor put in an animated environment. Both of these combined make a outrageous new animated comedy that looks like it can hang with the best of them like South Park and Family Guy.

The show focuses on a group of Park Rangers located at Brickleberry National Forest. The two main characters’ of the show are Steve and Ethel; Steve can be put in the category of another Homer-Simpson-type character whose negligence causes harm to all others. Then there is Ethel, who seems to be a whole-heartedly good person, yet the audience finds out that the animated character struggles with alcoholism which causes her to casually blow up an orphanage. The other characters are mainly examples of negative stereotypes. Daniel Tosh’s character Malloy, is a trouble-causing cub who’s racist and homophobic humor is reminiscent of Tosh’s crude humor.

Along with negatively stereotyping the characters, the show makes light of issues including: STD’s, quadriplegics, the Klu Klux Klan, and many others that are equally or even more offensive. All of these topics that Brickleberry makes fun of reinforces the new wave of politically incorrect comedies like South Park, and Tosh.O (both air on Comedy Central) that are very popular in the male-teen to young-adult age group.

With Brickleberry joining the fray of these politically incorrect comedies, Comedy Central now has a strong lineup of funny shows that will have adolescent males cracking up, yet will have their mothers in disgust and in shock at what their children are watching.